Remembering…and finding the words

September 11th. It will forever be a day we remember. For me, the day is almost as vivid in my mind as it was when the horrible tragedy occurred in 2001. I don’t know if those images, the reality of what happened to our great country on that day will ever disappear from inside of me. Part of me wants it to vanish, for it never to have happened. For those horrific images from that day in New York and Washington to be erased from my brain. But, the other part of me knows that while it was a terrible day, I need for it to always be within me in some way. No matter how much we want for the world, especially our little bubble of it to be perfect and always good, it is just not possible. How can we appreciate all the greatness that can be if we don’t also know the other side of the coin?

While it will always be easy to share our stories of where we were on 9/11, how we learned what was going on in New York, it seems to end there. Sure, I can tell you how I was at home recovering from gallbladder surgery and awoke to find our country under attack…what I cannot tell you are the right words to describe how I and the rest of the country was feeling that day and the days following it. Words like sadness, shock, and even anger just don’t seem to do it. Those words are too simple to me. For something that affected this entire country so powerfully, there seems to be no word or combination of words accurate enough to explain the feelings we felt deep in our hearts.

So, on this 12th anniversary of September 11th, I just want to remember those we lost that day. I want to remember the heroes who risked their lives that day and thereafter. I want to remember the families directly affected by the attacks. God Bless.


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