Rediscovering Orlando

Something has happened that I never thought was possible; I now sort of like Orlando. It hit me as I was driving home from work late last week and continued to be at the forefront of my mind this past weekend. I still want to move to Asheville as soon as it’s possible, but I don’t feel as bad about having to live here for however long it takes for that dream to happen (hoping no more than a year though!).

I’m learning to love and rediscover what my city and area has to offer. I’m starting to believe that maybe what I really needed was to get back out of the parents house and into a new part of Central Florida. The area that I’m in now is reminiscent of some of the things that I love so much about Asheville. For example, there are local shops in the neighborhood and a little coffee shop a couple of miles away that makes me think of one I love in my favorite mountain town. Orlando just may have more greatness in it than I ever thought possible. I will continue to stay open and explore.

What about you, have you found yourself rethinking an opinion about a place? I’d love to hear about your favorite city or cities and why you love them so much.

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