Race Report: Winter Park Road Race 10k

This was an awesome race for me. Not only did I PR, but I really amazed myself at the pacing I was able to maintain throughout the race. I can’t wait to see what I’ll be able to do later this year.

I love this outfit. And, this picture of me running in it.

I got to the race site about 40 minute or so early, so I got in line to use the oh so fun port-o-lets. The lines were taking way too long. The line I got in was of course the slowest of all. I realized that the folks in front of me were only using the last port-o-potty! It was crazy. Those of us further back in the line staged a takeover of the facility next to the last one and alas, we had two! This is the excitement of the pre-race.

Heading over to the race start, I had to figure out where said start was since it seemed to be a bit different than it was last year. Following the pack of fellow runners, I was able to get to the starting area. As I waited for the race to begin, I spotted Laura who runs the Track Shack Galloway program. I got to chatting with her and a couple of the other gals and told her that I was definitely wanting to do the training program this summer. She told me about an opportunity to help out to get my entry into the program comped and now I can’t wait til the training starts in a couple of months!

Once the race started, everyone was off. It was extremely bottled necked for at least the first mile, probably the second too. I did a lot of weaving around people and had to play caution when I had a walk break not to cause a “people accident.” I was always looking behind me once I heard my Gymboss beep for my walk break to ensure all was clear. 🙂

I was feeling good for the first 5k, really felt like I could nail down a great finish time if I could keep it up. I was going faster than my usual pacing though which did concern me a bit. Part of me wasn’t sure if I could maintain that kind of pacing for another 5k. But, I thought I’d give it a good go and push as long as I could.

I took my Gu gel a bit earlier than I should have. I took it before I hit 5k, not too much before, but I think I should have waited until that 5k mark or closer to it as my last mile could have used more of an energy boost. I only carried one energy gel since I knew 6.2 miles was not long and really, I wouldn’t need more than that. I ended up not even taking the whole packet, only used about 80% of it.

Pushing through that rough!

Miles 4 and 5 were a bit harder of a push, but nothing like that last mile was. By the last mile, I felt like I didn’t have much left in the tank. Not only were my legs begging me to just walk more, but my body was telling me it was ready to call it quits as well. I knew that really slowing down or walking more wasn’t going to be an option. I wasn’t about to let myself get away with not doing my best just because I was tired. I knew I was capable of pushing through the last bit to finish as strong as I could.

Spotting the finish line, I started to sprint. I ended up slowing down and walking for a few seconds and then took off in another sprint that took me through to the finish. I was happy to cross that finish line. Looking at my time, I did it in under an hour and twenty minutes which is what I hoped to do. Definitely made me feel good to finish that strong. This was a great race despite the crowds (which were larger than last year, probably due to the great swag Track Shack offered) and the fun bricks. I think I may be getting a bit more used to them though as I didn’t mind them as much as in previous races.

I run for awesome bling 🙂

It was great seeing friends at this race. They always make the race experience great for me. Special thanks to Jason Buckner for the photos!

Finish time: 1:18
Overall pace: 12:26
1- 12:24
2- 12:19
3- 12:27
4- 12:44
5- 12:23
6- 13:00
7- 2.49


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