Race Recap: Scooby Doo Family & Pet Virtual Run

The Girl's Got Sole - Scooby Doo Family & Pet Virtual Run

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On Saturday, August 22nd, I ran the virtual Scooby Door Virtual Run 10k. I had been “training” my puppy pal, Honey to run a bit with me, but unfortunately, she wasn’t up for the challenge. She did end up doing a mile of walking with me, so that accomplishment, along with her cuteness factor earned her a Scooby Doo collar. 🙂

The Grl's Got Sole - Scooby Doo Virtual Run

Even if I couldn’t really run with my furry pal, I had a great time running my 10k. I was able to do the run with some of my Galloway training group, so that in and of itself is a good time.

My run started at just before 6am, and it was kept at a conversational pace. I enjoyed great conversation, a beautiful sunrise, and even a rainbow. It was the highlight of my Saturday morning. I love seeing the world wake up during a run.

The Girl's Got Sole - Scooby Doo Virtual Run

In the weeks leading up to the actual virtual run, I really did enjoy taking Honey out for “training walks” in our neighborhood. She is a great walking buddy, well, that is, when she’s not stopping to smell stuff. Those little legs can sure move when she wants to get them going! 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - Scooby Doo Virtual Run

I really love the Scooby Doo swag from this virtual. You get an awesome hoodie long-sleeve tech shirt, a water bottle, bib and of course a nice medal. Was able to get the upgrade to the dog collar for Honey. It’s a bit big for a small pup such as herself, so I think we are going to give it to her friend, Stella (who is a bigger dog). The bandana would be better for the smaller furry friends.

You can still register yourself, your family and pups for the 5k or 10k virtual races. Head over to https://www.scoobydoorun.com/virtual/ to sign up by October 3, 2020. This is a fun run perfect for everyone.

The Girl's Got Sole - Scooby Doo Virtual Run


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  3. The swag for this race was AMAZING! The Facebook community was awesome, and seeing all of the pups running was so cute. I wish I could’ve gotten my cats on leashes haha. Great recap!

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