Race Recap: 2020 Park Ave 5k

The Girl's Got Sole - Park Ave 5k race recap

The 2020 Park Ave 5k took place on January 18th. Oddly enough, I had never run this race before. I run on Park Avenue and the surrounding areas regularly with my training group, but I just have never run this particular 5k race. So, I was excited about doing a local 5k I hadn’t done before.

On race morning, I met up with some of my Galloway running friends early to get in 3 easy miles. Then, I headed over to the Park Avenue area. Since I was up so early to run beforehand, I lucked out with a great parking location. I waited in my car for a bit since I was so early (and it was a bit cold).

As it got closer to the race start time, I headed out. I quickly met up with some of my runner friends as well as other Orlando Galloway runners. We hung out for a bit, used the restroom, and took a group pic before heading over to the starting area.

The Girl's Got Sole - 2020 Park Ave 5k race recap

Orlando Galloway group before the race.

Since I had just gotten my new tech “toy,” my ASAKSO camera (like a GoPro), I decided to try to run with it and take video during some of the race. That was kind of fun, but it also slowed me down a bit. I also later learned that with the weather-proof plastic housing on the camera, it’s difficult to get good sound. So, fun video resulted, but iffy sound. (I will post the link below)

Once the race started, I was excited, as I decided to have fun over speed. So, I just enjoyed the race and filmed some of it. My pace was okay, but wasn’t as fast as I could have been if I wasn’t playing videographer. LOL! But hey, sometimes, that’s okay too.

The Girl's Got Sole - Park Ave 5k race recap

In the end, I finished the race in 42:27. Which really isn’t too bad. My splits were: mile 1 – 13:41, mile 2 – 13:25, mile 3 – 13:25. I had a good time, and that’s what I came out for (and to burn some calories too of course 🙂 ).

After the 5k race, there was lots of food to sample! There were many local restaurants out, so it was quite the post-race celebration. I enjoyed sampling a breakfast bowl from Create Your Nature, and a granola-type bite from Dandelion Communitea Cafe. Both were delicious.

The Girl's Got Sole - 2020 Park Ave 5k race recap

Definitely a race to run again. I’m not big into paying to run many 5ks anymore, but I enjoyed this one. And, I got a cool medal! It was a nice race to kick off 2020 with.

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