Race Day in Two Days!

Actually, it’s less than that since I’m writing this blog on Friday night. At 6am on Sunday morning, I’ll be at the starting line at the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon. I’m excited! This race also kicks off the trio of half marathons I’ve got scheduled from now until my first full, the 26.2 with Donna. I’ll be doing the Orlando Half Marathon on December 1st, then the Walt Disney World Half Marathon on January 12th.

Today, I was fortunate to be off from work (yay for PTO!), so I had planned to pretty much do not much of anything but relax. However, I realized on Wednesday that a filling came out of a tooth, so I had to make a trip to the dentist to get it fixed. It didn’t take the dentist too long to refill the tooth, but I spent over two hours with a half numb mouth and not able to really eat anything. That’s the worst part of going to the dentist, the Novocaine!

Otherwise, today has been spent sitting in the car in traffic, picking up my race packet and making a run to the store. Tonight consists of relaxation of mindless television watching and spending time with my birds. I have to say, the whole watching TV thing and being with my birds is a nice way to spend free time.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be able to actually sleep in! Well, past the usual 4am wake up call anyway. I’m planning on getting up at about 8am and then going to the local Veg Fest for a couple of hours before I get my things together to go to my grandmother’s house. It’s great that she’s letting me stay over the night before the race as she lives so close to Port Orange.

I’m still not planning on having any real expectations for Sunday morning. I’m going to play it smart and see how I feel and see how the weather is race morning. This way of thinking has seemed to have kept me calmer and less stressed thus far. 🙂

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