Putting It Out There


Here I go. I’m putting it out there so that I can be accountable. I feel that doing that, and asking for support and help along the way, especially at the beginning will help me get back on track.

Between the NYC Marathon and the holidays, I gained about 4lbs. While that may not seem like a lot of weight, for me it is. That’s about 2lbs a month and after maintaining my weight during marathon training (after getting back to my goal weight last May), this is a step backwards. It’s all about my eating. I’ve stopped food tracking which is a vital key for me in my ongoing journey. What has felt like a 100 calories extra here, or 200 calories extra there, obviously it got a bit out of control. Because I never want to be the person I used to be at over 200lbs, I take it pretty seriously when I gain a few pounds. It’s too easy to keep bad eating going and get off track.

So, maybe I’ll never be really overweight again (I plan on never being that person physically I used to be, it’s important to stay healthy), I will always have that “fat girl” mindset when it comes to food. If I don’t portion something out ahead of time as well as track everything I put in my mouth, I can easily go overboard on my daily caloric intake. It’s way too easy.

That said, this is where I need your help. I want to, need to be accountable for my food. I’m going to start posting in the facebook group I created several times a day about how the day is going. I’ll post things like my water intake (which needs work), when I’m wanting an extra snack and need someone to talk to about it, and continue to post inspirational and motivational quotes, sayings and such for anyone who might need it (including myself). An online support system is what helped me lose all of my weight back in 2008/2009, and I know it can be just as helpful right now.

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Please consider joining me in my ongoing health journey as I get back on track and then continue with my weight loss maintenance after. I want to be there for you too! We can all help one another through the ups and downs of this whole healthy living stuff. It’s not easy, but friends and a support system can make it much easier.

Thank you for your continued support! I’ll post regular updates here on the blog as well. Though, that facebook group will be where a lot more will be talked about. We all go through tough times and with friends there beside you, it makes it more manageable to get through and achieve our goals.


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  1. Thanks for posting this! I did really well through training for marathon #1 and maintained my weight, but in the last two weeks since the race, I’ve been all over the place and totally inconsistent with tracking. I requested to join the Facebook Group. I would love to give (and receive) some help with accountability.

  2. The holidays are really stressful and with so many parties it is easy to gain a little. I don’t weigh myself anymore but I did feel like I had gained a few as well. I think just getting back on my regular eating and working out will take care of it.Sounds like having a group is great for you and I am sure you will be feeling back to yourself in no time!

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