Product Review: SPIbelt

The folks at SPIbelt were kind enough to send me a running gear belt to review. Spibelt states that their belts will not bounce as you move. I was anxious to test that statement, as my Fuelbelt waist belt, while nice when I walk, it was definitely not my friend for runs. The Fuelbelt would bounce around making it difficult to carry my phone without it moving all around.

I took my new Spibelt out for a total of three test runs as of this blogging. I can happily say that the belt stayed put! I had my android phone in it and it did not bounce! It did move slightly when I added a small bag of energy chews to it (with the phone already in it), but that was easily remedied when I made sure it was tightened snugly around my waist and my phone was centered as much as possible in the pouch.

I would recommend the Spibelt to any fellow runners who are still seeking a “stay put” waist belt. I just wish I would have discovered and tried Spibelt sooner!

Note: This review consists of my own opinions and thoughts. The above company did not pay me or send me their product(s) in exchange for anything but an honest review. If your company would like your product reviewed on The Girl’s Got Sole, please email me at


Product Review: SPIbelt — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Shannon! I saw both of your reviews about the SPIbelt and the Hippe Runner Go belt. Just wondering on your thought’s between both belts and the pros/cons. I’m in search of a belt and It’s hard to decide between the two. Thanks!

  2. I like them both. They both seem to stay put. The Hippie belt has more designs, so if you want something different, that’s the way to go. Otherwise, they both are great.

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