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The Girl's Got Sole - SmellWell review

Let’s be honest, when you run or workout, you sweat and smell. And, I don’t mean smell good, either. As a runner who trains most of the time in the Florida heat, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve discovered that a not-so-pleasant odor is unfortunately me. More accurately, my running clothes and shoes.

SmellWell solves the problem for us. It goes directly to the source and does more than just hide bad odors. SmellWell absorbs moisture, thereby removing odors. What is left is a fresh, clean scent.

The Girl's Got Sole - SmellWell

When I first heard about SmellWell, I was definitely interested. Anything that can help my running gear smell better, I’m willing to give it a try! I have mostly used them in my running and workout shoes, but my running closest and gym bag have greatly benefited from SmellWell. Everything smells so good! Yes, I have smelled my running shoes after they have had SmellWell bags in them overnight. No bad odors were detected!

What’s great about SmellWell is that the bags are environmentally friendly and free of hazardous chemicals. Because of the non-allergenic properties the product is made from, they are completely safe to use if you are sensitive or have allergies. Also, the inks used to print the outer bag are approved via an extensive REACH test.

The SmellWell bags come in numerous color and patterned designs, so you can choose your favorite style. The bags will last between three and four months, depending upon how they are used. It seems that they will last a bit longer if used primarily in running shoes or other sneakers. And, while the bags absorb moisture and odor, they do not remove any bacteria.

The Girl's Got Sole - SmellWell

Bottom line is, I really like the SmellWell bags, and can see myself using them in my running shoes going forward. It’s a product that can help so many runners and active folks keep their sneakers and gear smelling fresh after putting them through their sweaty paces.

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