Product Review: PR Soles

Note: I was provided a pair of PR Soles Flip Flops from Gone for a Run in exchange for reviewing them on the blog. No other compensation was received. As always, all opinions stated are my own.


I don’t know about you, but after a long, hard run, all I want to do is take off my running shoes and socks and pull on some comfortable sandals. My feet cry out not only to be free from the bonds of the running shoe, but to recover from the run. Enter PR Soles. They are specifically designed for runners in order to provide the most comfortable footwear that helps promote recovery of sore and tired feet.


The flip flops feature Acupoint soles which massage your feet as you walk. The sandals are lightweight, breathable, waterproof and feature a unique foam cushioned sole that massages your feet so they are refreshed and energized. The Acupoint soles activate nerve endings in the feet that send healing relief through your entire body. These triggers are specifically designed to improve circulation and break up painful lactic acid and uric acid as it massages your feet. PR Soles can alleviate foot, leg and lower back pain as well as reduce swelling and tension. Due to the massaging benefits, your feet and legs recover faster after a run.

First of all, I love the color of the flip flops I was sent. I received a pair in pink/black, and pink is my favorite color, so that alone drew my interest. Taking them out of the package, the foam was soft and the design of the grooved triggers are unlike anything I’ve seen. I was looking forward to wearing them.


I decided to wear them out to do a couple of errands after work for the first time. Initially, I did notice what they state is common as you first get used to the sandal; the massage trigger points can cause sensitive parts as your feet adapt to the massaging soles. The more I wear them though, it has eased up. That issue is more on my right foot, near my arch. The PR Soles do feel amazing after a hard or long run. I noticed they relax my tired feet more quickly than the previous non-recovery sandals I had been wearing. That soft, cushioning feeling was great as I walk around with them.

The PR Soles are definitely my new go-to sandal after my runs. They will be waiting for me in my car after every run going forward. Here in Florida, I love wearing sandals whenever I’m not running, or having to actually wear regular shoes, so the flip flops are a great recovery sandal for runners and other endurance athletes to consider. Check out the PR Soles over at Gone for a Run, there are four different colors to choose from (green/gray, black/aqua, yellow/blue and pink/black).


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