Product Review: NOW Foods BCAA Blast & Effer-Energy

The Girl's Got Sole - NOW Sports product review

Disclaimer: I received NOW Foods BCCA Blast Powder and Effer-Energy Tablets to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

I’ve been pro-BCAA supplements for years now. When the chance to try a new kind of BCAA from NOW Foods presented itself as a BibRavePro, I was raising my hand.

The Girl's Got Sole - NOW Sports BCAA product review

BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids, which are essential nutrients for building muscle and promoting post-workout recovery. BCAAs can be taken before, during or after a run or workout. NOW Sports BCAA Blast powder gives you 5 grams of BCAAs and contain 100mg of natural caffeine per serving. The supplement assists in maintaining physical energy and focus during workouts and aids the body’s natural recovery process. In addition, each scoop has electrolytes to replenish what is lost during strenuous activity.

The Girl's Got Sole - NOW Sports review

NOW Sports BCAA Blast is available in two flavors, Natural Raspberry and Tropical Punch. I opted for the former, and have been happy with the taste. I’ve used it before a run or workout, as well as during my gym workouts and for recovery. When it comes to a powdered supplement, taste definitely makes or breaks it for me, and this one hit the mark. I find myself looking forward to drinking it after a morning run. The raspberry flavor is not over-powering and seems just right combined with 16oz of water.

Using BCAAs has helped me in the past recover better from hard workouts, and NOW Sports BCAA Blast did not disappoint. I felt less soreness after my longer training runs and races where I pushed myself. The BCAA powder easily dissolves and there isn’t a gritty taste like I’ve experienced with other powders in the past.

As far as the other product, the Effer-Energy Effervescenet Tablets, I had a different experience with them. I wasn’t a big fan of them. They come in a Tropical Punch flavor, and the taste was just a bit too overpowering for me. Had a hard time enjoying my drinks when I added a tablet to my water. The tablets didn’t seem as thought they dissolve well enough for me. Breaking the tabs in half did seem to help the taste, but I have to admit, they just weren’t my thing.

The Girl's Got Sole - NOW Sports product review

Both products are vegan/vegetarian friendly, soy free, nut free, and the powder is gluten free. Each scoop of the BCAA Blast is 30 calories, while the tablets are 10 calories each. So, neither supplement is good for a low-calorie diet if you are watching what you are taking in. You can check out the complete nutrition information on the NOW Foods website.

If you are looking for a great BCAA Powder, check out NOW Foods BCAA Blast. You can save 20% off your own container of BCCA Blast, Effer-Energy, or any other supplements with discount code NOWSPORTS20 now through 4/30/20.

The Girl's Got Sole - NOW Sports review


“Offer valid 2/1/20 through 11:59 PM Central Standard Time 4/30/20. Offer valid only on products found at Prices are as shown. Some exclusions apply. Must use coupon code NOWSPORTS20 in the Promotion Code field at checkout. While supplies last at This offer does not apply to applicable taxes or shipping and handling. Offer cannot be used on previous purchases. NOW Health Group, Inc. has the right to end any promotion at any time.”


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