Product Review: Night Runner 270

Note: I was provided the Night Runner 270 shoe lights in exchange for testing out the product and posting a review on my blog. No other compensation was received and all opinions stated are my own.


Are you a night or early morning runner like I am? Here in Florida, we run well before the sun comes up in order to get in as many miles as possible before the heat of the day comes bearing down upon us. Running in the dark not only limited visibility as a runner, but cars and other vehicles are not able to see us as we are pounding out our miles.

There are many lights and reflectors out there for runners, but none are like the Night Runner 270 shoe lights. These lights are developed by athletes for athletes. The lights attach easily to each shoe and gives you between 4-8 hours of battery life. By having these lights clip onto your shoes, you eliminate having to deal with headlamps, straps and such. You attach them before your run, turn them on and get going!

The Night Runner shoe lights run on an Li-ion rechargeable battery which you charge via USB, which takes away having to deal with changing out batteries. I found charging them to be extremely easy and loved not having to deal with anything but a plug. It’s much easier to charge electronics and other gear via USB or plugging into a wall outlet.


Other features of the Night Runner shoe lights include: Bi-lateral wing design, 150 total lumens between the two units, water resistant, back-facing red lights, and the lights themselves are stable and easy to position on your shoes.

I ran with the lights a few times so far and I loved the visibility they gave me. Dark sidewalks became easier to navigate and cars were able to spot me and my group much more then with a flashlight or headlight. The units themselves stayed put through a 23 mile run (even after the light itself died out), and I barely knew they were there. I will say that my group found them so bright that running in front of me wasn’t where they wanted to be. This allowed me to stay in front of the pack and light the way.

If you are looking for a way to illuminate your runs and be seen out there, check out the Night Runner 270 lights. I can see them being extremely useful for trail runners, helping them see anything that might be in their path which will prevent unwanted trips or falls.

You can check out the Night Runner 270 shoe lights over at and order your own pair for your next run.


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