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The Girl's Got Sole - KT Tape product review

Disclaimer: I received KT Tape to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

When I heard that BibRave was going to be working with KT Tape, I was excited. After getting Plantar Fasciitis late last year, I’m always looking for ways to ease my pain. I have been wearing a sleeve when I run, which has helped, but I’ve been interested in trying kinesiology tape.

The Girl's Got Sole - KT Tape

KT Tape helps by lifting the skin, which decompresses the layers of fascia, which allows for greater movement of the lynphatic fluid. This fluid builds up when you are injured due to over-use or impact causing inflammation and swelling. Correct taping aids in reducing pressure on an injured area, relieving discomfort and/or pain.

There are five main types of KT Tape, as well as limited editions and other products in the KT Tape family. I was sent four different types, KT Tape Pro, KT Tape Cotton, KT Tape Pro Extreme and KT Tape Pro Wide. (Note: I was supposed to also be sent KT Tape Gentle, but I did not receive it in my package. Other BibRave Pro’s will have reviews of the Gentle tape as well on their blogs.)

The Girl's Got Sole - KT Tape

KT Tape Pro is made of synthetic tape fibers that lasts longer than cotton, and more durable. Comfortable to wear for 4-7 days and stays on in water. Is the best-selling 100% synthetic kinesiology tape. Can be used for dozens of applications. Available in 10 different color options.

KT Tape Cotton is made with all-natural cotton for everyday wear. Comfortable to wear for 1-3 days, and stays on in water. Comes in 8 different color options.

KT Tape Pro Extreme is the strongest adhesive for use in the most extreme and humid conditions. Made with synthetic fibers, so very durable. Can be worn for 4-7 days and stays on in water. Currently only available in the color, black.

KT Tape Pro Wide is specifically designed for the lower back and large muscle areas like quads, calves, and shoulders. Made with synthetic tape fibers making it more durable than cotton. Can be worn for 4-7 days and stays on in water. Comes in one color only, black.

KT Tape Gentle is made with gentle adhesive for easier removal for anyone with sensitive skin. Can be worn comfortably for 1-3 days. It’s a latex free 100% cotton tape.

The Girl's Got Sole - KT Tape

My favorite of tapes is the KT Tape Pro Extreme. It really impressed me with how well it holds up on my foot. I always applied it the night before a run or race and slept with it on. No issues overnight, stayed on well through my tossing and turning as I slept. The tape felt comfortable and kept my PF in check through runs up to 13 miles. I also showered with it after my runs, and it held up in water as promised.

My second favorite would be the KT Tape Pro. It also held up well for me when applied the night before a run. Always kept my foot comfortable as I ran, and I barely knew it was there. Showering with it on is also not an issue, holds up great! I love the color options the Pro line gives you, so this would be one I would definitely keep in my race bag.

The KT Tape Cotton was good, but I wasn’t as excited by it. It held up for runs and through a shower like the PRO line, but I felt more irritated by it. I think it may be a bit rougher for sensitive skin due to the cotton material. But, I also have light skin that can tend to get rashes more easily than others. It holds up, staying on through a run, so if you aren’t dealing with sensitive skin, this will also likely work well for you.

I also want to let folks know that at first, even after watching the videos (over and over LOL!), I had some application issues. But, the more and more I use the KT Tape, the easier it gets to apply! So, practice truly does make perfect! 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - KT Tape

I didn’t get to test the KT Tape Pro Wide since I don’t have a large muscle area to use it on. However, I do have a runner friend trying it for me. I will add her thoughts on this post as soon as she let me know what she thinks! I am also curious on her opinions on it.

You can head over to KT Tape and save 30% off your next purchase by using discount code BIBRAVE30! It’s an awesome deal that I plan on taking advantage of so that I can be sure to have a good supply of KT Tape Pro on hand for upcoming training and races!

Be sure to check out all of the KT Tape application videos. They will help ensure you get the best results when you use KT Tape. They truly do help you out!

The Girl's Got Sole - KT Tape

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