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Disclaimer: I was given a custom made training journal in exchange for reviewing’s product. No other compensation was received. All opinions stated are my own.

Are you a runner or cyclist (or triathlete) that likes to keep a training journal? If so, JournalMenu is something you’ll want to check out. Each journal is custom made just for you. You create the cover, with your own art and inspirational quotes or words. Then, inside are all the tools to make your fitness training life easier. Tools include goals, PRs, milestones, nutrition, benchmarks and much more.

Front cover of my custom marathon journal.

Front cover of my custom marathon journal.

I was able to create a training journal JUST for my dream goal race this year, the NYC Marathon. The folks at JournalMenu were so amazing at showing me proofs of what my journal would look like before they made it. When I got it in my hands, I was extremely impressed. Not only is it awesome having my website logo on it, but there’s a cityscape backdrop symbolizing New York City. Definitely unique, like nothing else out there.

Inside my journal, there’s a section for goals (including the SMART technique informational in how to make goals that are achievable), body measurements, a mobilization quick guide, 5k through marathon training planners, interval training log for my track workouts, race planning and reviews, pace charts, PR recording, and daily/weekly logs for nutrition and run logging. Also, each page has motivational quotes at the top. So many great tools are in this journal!

Inside of the journal, daily nutrition/fitness log.

Inside of the journal, daily nutrition/fitness log.

Now, I do log my workouts online via dailymile, and use my Fitbit app to log my food and such, but I find having something to write in to be a nice additional tool. If I forgot to log something in one place, I can go back and update the other. The writer in me loves having pen in hand. 🙂

I especially like this journal because it’s an original. No one else has one like mine. It’s unique, and there’s something to be said for that. That’s a big reason JournalMenu stands out from other training journals. And, at a cost of $14.99, it’s a great deal for what you get.

Back cover of my journal.

Back cover of my journal.

The folks at JournalMenu are giving one lucky Girl’s Got Sole reader a free customized journal! All you have to do is comment on this blog post about what you would use your training journal for (a specific race, triathlon, yoga, etc.) and you’ll be entered to win! Giveaway will run through Tuesday, June 24th at 12am Eastern.

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Product Review & Giveaway: JournalMenu — 10 Comments

  1. How crazy is it that I have been looking to buy a training journal for my Marathon at Space Coast and here you are doing a review. I keep track of my training on the Garmin website, but there is nothing like a hard copy to look at while sitting watching TV, plus I love the idea of having a custom one. I figured I would take a chance on the giveaway, but if I don’t win, I will buy one from JournelMenu. Thanks for the post!

  2. I also utilize so many gadgets as well to track my training for races. Nothing like a journal you can hand write in yourself. It’s more personal and inspiring to others when you can share your story with something tangible. Definitely a must do for me to share my marathon training and experience for this year.

  3. I love writing down what I do. I have the apps etc, but writing it seems so much better than anything else!!

  4. Wow. What a seriously cool idea! I just went to the expo and movie screening of “Personal Gold” at the Quantified Self gathering, and I’m sure a ton of people there would be interested in creating specialized tracking journals.

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