Product Review: Cyclone Cup

Disclaimer: I was provided a free Cyclone Cup in exchange for this review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


The Cyclone Cup is a protein drink shaker that is the best I’ve ever used. The cup uses a mixing technology that can mix up even the toughest protein powders and ingredients. It uses a patient cyclone that is nothing like those agitator balls that most shaker cups and bottles use. The cup has four parts. The 20oz drink/mix compartment, 6oz powder storage compartment at the bottom, the cyclone mixer and screw tight lid and cap.

This shaker cup easily allows you to pack your protein powder in the screw on bottom portion, and take it with you to the gym or wherever you need to mix your drink. I love taking it with me to the gym where I simply add water into the cup, add-in my protein powder, then seal it up and shake it all up. I have yet to have any clumps like I have with other shaker cups. And, it’s fast and doesn’t make a mess.


The cups come in a number of different colors to match your personality. Blue, green, black, pink, red or white. I choose a pink, which is a pretty commonly loved color for me as you probably can tell. 🙂

If you would like to check out more about the Cyclone Cup and get your own, head on over to their website at

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