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The Girl's Got Sole - CTM Band review

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When I had the opportunity to review a new recovery tool, I raised my hand. I love trying out new ways to relieve my muscles after a run or workout. CTM Band is a new innovative approach to the way we recover. The CTM Band definitely has a look and style like nothing else out there.

The Girl's Got Sole - CTM Band

The creator of the CTM Band, Dr Kyle Bowling, has combined compression, tension and movement into one device. This increases blood flow and relieves muscular tension. A foam roller or stick roller just can’t get deep enough into tight spots to fully relieve your soreness. Benefits of the CTM Band include: Relief of muscle spasms, knots, speedier muscle recovery, increase in range of motion, and breaks up scar tissue.

Since being diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis late last year, I’m always on the look out for ways to alleviate my pain. The CTM Band has helped with my PF. I noticed a difference from when I would use it after a run/hard workout or not. I accidentally left my CTM Band at home when I went to run a half marathon, and I knew my recovery would be easier if I had it to use post-race.

There are many ways to use the CTM Band. You can use it for your calf, shoulder, shin splints, the quadriceps, elbow, hamstring, Achilles, calf pain, and Plantar Fasciitis. There is a section of the product’s website with how-to videos for all of those issues. The section also shows you how tight the band should be, and how to modify the CTM Band depending upon what you’re treating.

I’m not the best about my stretching/rolling after a workout, but the CTM Band makes that process so easy. Just wrap it around whatever area you need, and two minutes later, you’re done! So easy to keep moving it from different areas of my legs as I watch TV! All I have to do is keeping moving or stretching in some way.

You can order your own CTM Band and save 20% off by using code CTMBIBRAVE at checkout. This offer won’t last forever, so get on it soon if you want to experience all that the CTM Band has to offer.

The Girl's Got Sole - CTM Band

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