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The Girl's Got Sole - Brilliant Reflective

Are you being seen on your dark and early (or late) runs? If you aren’t wearing some sort of lights or reflective clothing, vehicles as well as others can’t see you. It’s so important as runners that we are visible on the roads and trails during those dark hours.

This is where Brilliant Reflective steps in. They have taken 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material and applied a patented process of colorizing the reflective without having the material lose it’s reflective strength. The strips are highly reflective and colorized material that allows you to use to customize your clothing or gear for maximum visibility and protection. You create your own look with Brilliant Reflective strips.

The Girl's Got Sole - Brilliant Reflective

When light shines at the strips, it reflects off and goes directly back to the source through it’s retroreflective material. This material is made out of millions of tiny glass beads which are coated with aluminum on the bottom half of the bead. It allows the light to come back from any direction and reflect back to the source rather than bounce off at an angle, similar to a mirror.

There are four types of reflective material, all varying as far as how visible they are:

1. Cosmetic – No visibility at 10-50 feet (most casual apparel).

2. Low Brightness – Low visibility at 100 feet (typical running/cycling gear).

3. Medium Brightness – Moderate visibility at 100-300 feet (running/cycling vest).

4. High Brightness – Significant visibility at 300+ meters (Brilliant Reflective strips).

Girl's Got Sole - Brilliant Reflective review

Brilliant Reflective strips come in two different types, stick-on strips and iron-on strips. They also come with the option of black, blue, red, and purple so you can choose which one fits you best (or matches your favorite gear).

I chose the blue strips for my review and I like them a lot. The stick-on strips are my favorite, you can easy apply them to your handheld water bottle, running belt, hats, shirts and more. Then, you can take them off and reuse them again on another piece of gear or shirt. I left the strips on my gear, as that’s where I found them to be of best use for me. It gave me that extra “be seen” on the roads.

Girl's Got Sole - Brilliant Reflective BibRave review

It’s amazing how much these strips stand out and how well you can be seen as soon as a light source hits them. With most of the clothes that I do have with reflective areas don’t even compare to what Brilliant Reflective strips can do. Adding it to a favorite skirt helped my visibility increase on my 5am morning runs.

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Girl's Got Sole - Brilliant Reflective review



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