Product Review: 2XU Compression

Disclaimer: I received compression calf sleeves and socks to review from 2XU as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


2XU stands for two times you. It’s all about the best in world-leading athletic apparel. Some of the best champion athletes wear 2XU because of it’s high quality. They have created the lightest, most breathable, most flexible and more durable compression garments in comparison to the competition.

2xu compression wear

For those not familiar with how powerful compression is for runners and other athletes, it helps protect muscles as you workout, reducing fatigue and soreness. Compression wear aids in helping you go harder and longer as you keep going at your peak during your workout. Recovery-wise, compression helps increase blood flow which is key in the removal of lactic acid from muscles to reduce swelling and for faster recovery.

I have been wearing compression calf sleeves for about three years now and I fully believe in it. When 2XU offered to let some BibRave Pros review their Performance Run calf sleeves and VECTR sock, I was instantly interested and jumped at the chance. In running, especially marathon training, the use of compression sleeves and socks are not only great for recovery after your run, but they are amazing during the run. In my mind, there’s no question that runners should use compression apparel in their training, it’s just a matter of what color(s) to choose!


As soon as I received the package from 2XU, I instantly opened it and was eager to check them out. I went with purple because it’s honestly become my third favorite color these days (pink and blue rank above it). The sleeves are very soft and putting them on, they felt comfortable on my calfs right away. The Race VECTR socks are also soft, and I was looking forward to my first run in them the next day. It would be my first experience running with compression socks. While I use some knee-high compression socks for recovery, I’m not really a fan of wearing them on runs. They tend to feel a bit too thin inside of my shoes and I prefer to wear my favorite socks when I run.

I wore the compression sleeves with the Race VECTR socks for a few runs, and they are a great combination. The VECTR sock secures the stabilization of the ankle and arch through it’s ergonomic fit to the foot. There is extra heel and forefoot cushioning, dry mesh panels for ventilation and a linked toe cage for comfort. I felt that the socks hugged my feet closely, but not so tightly that it was uncomfortable. Just like the compression sleeves, once I got going on my run in the socks, they were just as comfortable as some other socks I turn to for my running. I can totally see myself running in the VECTR socks, especially if I had all the colors! It’s always a plus to have color choices.

2xu in action

The 2XU compression in action at a recent half marathon.

If you are looking for high-quality compression wear, check out 2XU’s product offerings. There’s something for every level of athlete to help prepare, perform, and recover for your workout or sport. Save 15% by using discount code TRAIN15 through April 30, 2016. Discount is only good on full-price products only and cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.


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