Pre-Race Ramblings

Calmness is overrated 🙂

It’s finally hit me smack in the face. Sure, I have been thinking about it all this time, all these weeks as I trained, but today it just jumped up and took a whack at me straight on. It’s amazing how that works, you register for a race months ahead of time and then, the week before (Uh, more like a few days before, but I digress), the nerves and all that come with it appear out of literally nowhere. Poof! It’s like an incredibly sneaky magic trick.

As soon as this feeling hits, nothing is the same anymore. All of my thoughts are engulfed in it. But, it’s not all nervousness and stomach butterflies. Oh no, not at all. It’s the neat stuff too like the cute outfit I’m planning to wear. This half marathon will be my first race wearing a skirt and that alone makes me smile as big as the moon (except, I can only do that for a few seconds tops since I’ve got a small mouth and it hurts to smile that widely). Other things that have been cycling through my mind are the good times that I know I’m going to have with friends before and after the race. And of course, the awesomeness that is crossing that finish line.

So, as I continue my countdown to race day, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences before and on race day.

How were things for you before your recent race? How crazy do you drive your family and friends before a big race?

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