Pray for Orlando


What a tragic weekend in my city. I am deeply saddened by what has happened between two events this weekend. From the shooting at The Plaza on Friday night to last night’s shooting at the Pulse nightclub here in Orlando, it’s all horrific and sad. We need to pray for the families, pray for Orlando.

Let me say this, I don’t care if the victims of the shooting last night were straight, gay or transgender…however you identify yourself, it’s a horrible tragedy, period. In my mind, I do not believe this is a hate crime. It is a terror attack on Americans, on the people. It is an attack on US, it is an attack on this nation. People need to stop separating people upon their ideals, and just band together. We are all one.

God loves every single one of us. I dislike hearing that God doesn’t love someone because of their way of life. It’s not our place to judge someone else. We should all simply love one another. Let’s get rid of the hate and just love one another. It’s such a simple way of thinking, but really it does come down to that. Let’s be humble and just love our fellow man and woman.

love one another

Please pray for our nation, and especially pray for Orlando right now.

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