Do you PiYo?


By now, you’ve likely heard of one of the newer workouts to hit, PiYo. It’s a combination of yoga and pilates which helps you to tone up, gain strength and become more flexible. Created by Chalene Johnson, it’s low-impact, so you don’t have to worry about crazy exercise moves where you have to jump around your living room. It doesn’t matter if you have experience with yoga or pilates, the moves are fairly easy to learn, and there’s modifications for those just starting out.

You can either buy the DVD set from a Beachbody coach, or you can find a PiYo class near you to give the workout a whirl. I took a couple of classes with a certified instructor and it challenged me in a way that I thought the DVDs were worth going for. Obviously, doing a DVD workout in your living room is quite different that working out in a studio with an instructor (some people need the commitment of a class), but I think they both have their merits. I really liked the class and I am sure I will go back when I can, as it’s a great experience.


The DVDs include nine workouts, which means you will be able to switch things up on a regular basis (the first one is really a fundamentals instructional session). You get, PiYo Define: Lower Body, PiYo Define: Upper Body, PiYo Drench, PiYo Buns, PiYo Scupt, PiYo Core, PiYo Sweat and I also got a bonus workout DVD, Hardcore on the Floor.

I have so far done the Align Fundamentals and Define: Lower Body. The Lower Body was just 20 minutes long, but you can definitely feel it! So, don’t be deceived by the shorter workouts. I learned which side of my body is weaker than the other doing the lower body workout. I can only hope I can strengthen it up as I continue to do the PiYo workouts.

If the PiYo workouts have your interest piqued, do yourself a favor and look into potential classes near you, or check out the DVDs. As a runner, I can see the positive impact these workouts are going to have on my running the more I do the workouts.

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