2018/2019 Orlando Galloway Kick-Off

The Girl's Got Sole - Orlando Galloway 2018/2019

Saturday, June 3rd was the 2018/2019 season kick-off for Orlando Galloway training. This is my 7th season in the program (5th as a group leader), and I look forward to this event every season. It’s always great to see everyone together, as well as some new faces to the program.

There were about 100 people registered at the time of kick-off, and this number grows a bit the first week or two of the season. What I found interesting is the breakdown of ages in the group. The average age is 49, with the youngest being 22, and oldest 74. We sure have a great variety of people which is another thing that makes Galloway training so special!

The Girl's Got Sole - Orlando Galloway kick-off 2018

The kick-off began with Program Director, Kerrie Gregory introducing herself and co-Program Director, Carol Haile to the group. They then talked a bit about the program, what to expect this season and such. It was then time for everyone to warm-up before running a magic mile.

The magic mile is a tool used to predict a runner’s abilities so they can be put in a pace group. As I posted previously, I ran my magic mile a couple of days prior, as I always take pictures of the kick-off event and the runners doing their magic mile.

Also, this year, as a Generation UCAN Ambassador, I put out some samples. Runners were able to try out UCAN Hydrate and Snack Bars in Cinnamon Delight and Coffee Bean. The products went over well, so many asked questions and loved UCAN. It’s definitely a product I believe in, and I love being able to share how awesome it is with my group.

The Girl's Got Sole - 2018 Orlando Galloway kickoff

Runner’s starting their magic mile.

I am looking forward to our first runs of the new season this week. Tuesday morning is our first 3-mile run, followed by track on Thursday morning. Then, our first Saturday group run which is when I get to see who is in my pace group this season. Here’s to a great 7th season for Orlando Galloway!

Galloway Magic Mile, season 7

The Girl's Got Sole - Galloway training

It’s kind of hard to believe that I will be beginning my 7th season with Orlando Galloway training next week. When I joined the program in June 2012, I had not a clue where it would take me. I feel blessed that I’m still out there running with Jeff Galloway’s run/walk/run program.

This morning, I did my annual pre-season magic mile with some of my group from last season. We haven’t been doing any speed work on the track, or at all for months, so I wasn’t sure how I would do. We walked a couple of laps on the track before doing the actual magic mile.

The Galloway magic mile is a tool to help training group members determine goals that are realistic for them. It shows what you are capable of, which allows you to be placed with a group with other runners of similar pace abilities. Jeff advises that the magic mile be run hard, but not so hard that you would pass out or get sick. This mile time trial can then be used to determine what you are capable of running in a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon.

The Girl's Got Sole - Galloway Magic Mile

I ended up basically using a 1 minute run to 30 second walk ratio during this magic mile. The last lap was a more running during the last 300 meters or so. When I finished, my watch told me I ran the mile in 10:40. While this is 12 seconds slower than last year’s magic mile time, I felt pretty good about it. I can definitely do better once I’m back on the track again for a few weeks getting my speed work going again.

Our season kick-off this Saturday morning has a big group magic mile scheduled, but I tend to like to do mine beforehand. This is because as a Group Leader, I’m always helping out doing something like taking pictures. I love how motivating the group magic mile is every kick-of though, it’s awesome to see everyone together.

The Girl's Got Sole - Running with Orlando Galloway

Check out the new season of Orlando Galloway training through Track Shack! Kick-off is this Saturday, June 2nd at 7am. Run over to TrackShack.com for more details!

Do you do a magic mile or some other timed trial run?

Workout Recap W/E: 5/26

Last week felt long, but once Saturday morning arrived, it was good. Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend? Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hit the track for a speed workout last Thursday as planned. When my group got there, it was closed. So, a regular run it was. Otherwise, my workouts went as planned, hitting up some Florida hills to close out the week on Saturday.

The Girl's Got Sole - Workout recap

Sunday, May 20th – Got in 8.5 miles on the bike for CT in the late morning. Was a good, sweaty workout.

The Girl's Got Sole - Sunday bike

Monday, May 21st – Bike workout before work for 8 miles.

The Girl's Got Sole - Monday bike

Tuesday, May 22nd – Run with some of my group for 3, humid miles. It was a hot one for sure.

The Girl's Got Sole - Tuesday run

Wednesday, May 23rd – REST DAY.

Thursday, May 24th – Run with my group for 3 miles. Felt a bit cooler, still hot but a bit better.

The Girl's Got Sole - Thursday run

Friday, May 25th – REST DAY.

Saturday, May 26th – Apopka hill run with the group. It was a nice, challenging run and we got in 6.8 miles.

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday run

How were your workouts last week?

Friday Five 5/25

The Girl's Got Sole - Friday 5

TGIF, it’s finally Friday! Even better, I’ve got a three-day weekend ahead since I get Memorial Day off from work. The only unfortunate thing is, the weather forecast is calling for a wet, rainy holiday weekend here in Central Florida. I just hope I can get my run in on Saturday morning at least.

Comic book movies. I finally watched Guardians of the Galaxy one and two this week, as well as Black Panther. Loved all three movies. Now, I want a baby Groot! Guardians is definitely a fun one! Black Panther was very well done, loved the action and hope they make more in the series. I never read either comic book, but I would love to check them out, as I’m a fan.

The Girl's Got Sole - Baby Groot

Found money. Three months ago, when I was in Publix shopping, I found $40 on the floor. I turned it into customer service because that’s a lot of money. They took my information and said if no one claimed it, that I could come back and it was mine. I went back a couple of days ago, and no one had come forward. I’m now $40 richer. Figured I will save it for a rainy day or something.

The Girl's Got Sole - Friday Five

Weight loss update. As of this week, I’m down another pound! That’s just over 4lbs total weight loss. Getting closer to my weight loss goal! I’m now 2.4lbs from 130 pounds. I would love to hit my best maintained weight of 125lbs, but I will be happy with 128lbs. I already feel better and lighter. I’m sure this is going to help my running this season.

The Girl's Got Sole - Friday Five

OWYN protein drinks. I had the opportunity to try out a new protein drink called OWYN. They are vegan plant-based protein with an amazing taste. They are made with pea, organic pumpkin and flaxseed ingredients delivering 9 essential amino acids. The protein drinks come in three flavors, Dark Chocolate, Cold Brew Coffee, and Vanilla protein varieties. My favorite by far is the Cold Brew Coffee flavor, it’s perfect in the morning to start off the day. They also make protein powder in Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Matcha, Tropical and Strawberry & Banana protein flavors. I have rarely loved a vegan protein as much as I love Vega, but this one is a new favorite! Check it out online here.

The Girl's Got Sole - OWYN protein

Training season is beginning. The new season of Orlando Galloway is kicking off in 8 days! I’m looking forward to seeing what the new season brings. Also, I will officially start some speed training for the Peachtree Road Race next month. I’m easily able to run a 10k, but I’d to get in some track work to help me do my best on race day.

The Girl's Got Sole - Galloway Training

Do you have any Memorial Day weekend plans?

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Holy Humidity, Batman!

That’s the phrase that came out of my mouth during my run this morning. It was so darn humid. Those nice, cooler mornings we were lucky to have are now officially gone here in Florida.

We do pretty much acclimate to the heat, but it takes some time. Maybe by the middle of June, I will be more used to it. Funny how the first runs this time of year always hit you like a brick wall. Usually, it generally takes me a couple of weeks of hot, humid weather to get acclimated to it again.

The Girl's Got Sole - Holy humidity, Batman

Most important thing in the humidity I’ve learned is to be mindful of the signs of heat exhaustion. Experiencing nausea, dizziness, fatigue, headaches and tingly skin are warning signs that can’t be ignored. It’s not worth risking your overall health for one training run. I once pushed myself too much during a 3 mile training run and felt as though I was going to pass out. It was an awful feeling, and thank goodness I had running friends there to help me cool down.

Staying well hydrated each and every day, not just on run days is important. Water is important, but the body needs electrolytes too. I use Generation UCAN Hydrate every day. UCAN Hydrate is a natural, clean electrolyte replacement with no sugar and zero calories. It has 5 essential electrolytes designed to replenish the nutrients lost in sweat. I love that it has nothing artificial and is only sweetened with the natural sweetener, stevia.

The Girl's Got Sole - Running in humidity

I’m so ready to adapt to the heat and humidity so that I can sweat better with less fatigue, and my heart rate decreases. Not that it still won’t be hot out, but it won’t feel so bad during training runs. Here’s to summer running in The Sunshine State!

The Girl's Got Sole - Tuesdays on the Run

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Workout Recap W/E: 5/19

Last week was one of those weeks that just felt long to me. Really seemed to take what felt like forever to get from Sunday to Saturday. But, other than feeling long, the week went pretty well. I got in my workouts as scheduled, and I am planking after every run now for a minute. Also, as of this morning, I’m down to 132.4, which is 4lbs of weight loss. My ultimate goal is to get back to 125lbs, but I would be happy seeing 128lbs again on the scale. So, at least 4lbs to go.

The Girl's Got Sole - Workout Recap

Sunday, May 13th – Later than usual, but hit the gym an hour or so before they closed. Ended up being a busy day with the family.

The Girl's Got Sole - Bike workout

Monday, May 14th – Bike workout before work. Just over 7.5 miles, even though I was ready to hit the snooze button.

The Girl's Got Sole - Bike workout

Tuesday, May 15th – Great run with my group. It was just humid weather-wise. Our nice, cooler mornings are gone now looks like.

The Girl's Got Sole - Tuesday morning run

Wednesday, May 16th – REST DAY.

Thursday, May 17th – This was supposed to be a track run, but my stomach was not feeling great. Decided to go back into the gym for a bike workout.

The Girl's Got Sole - Thursday bike workout

Friday, May 18th – REST DAY.

Saturday, May 19th – Run with my group in Winter Park. This was my hardest run in awhile. The heat and humidity got to me in the last half of the 6 mile run. Definitely got to start slowing down so I can acclimate again to the heat.

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday group run

How were your workouts last week?

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Come Run With Orlando Galloway!

The Girl's Got Sole - Galloway training

Are you in Central Florida? If so, consider coming out and running this season with the Orlando Galloway training program!

The Orlando Galloway training program is a fun and great way to train for your next (or first) half or full marathon. Let’s face it, running is just more fun when you’re doing it with friends. With the training program, you gain motivation, support, and structure with scheduled runs three days a week. You will always have someone to run with as you train for your next race.

I’ve been a part of the Orlando Galloway program going on seven seasons. It’s the most rewarding and fun time with folks I have become great friends with through the years. I would have never been able to train for, and then run my first marathon back in 2013 without the group.

Orlando Galloway magic mile

Once you join the program and are a member, you get a group running your pace that you are able to run with as well as a schedule set for your goal race. We target races such as the Chicago Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, NYC Marathon, 26.2 with Donna, OUC Orlando Half Marathon and the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend races. Each pace group has a designated group leader dedicated to helping you get you to that race. The Galloway Training Program ebook, discounts at Track Shack, and direct access to Jeff Galloway.

There really isn’t anything like training with one of Jeff Galloway‘s training groups. It truly is awesome, and you will love all the crazy fun we have out on the roads as you put in the miles.

The Girl's Got Sole - Orlando Galloway kickoff

The 2018/2019 training season kicks off on June 2nd, where you can come out and run your magic mile and be a part of the fun. Head over to Track Shack for more information and to sign up! Feel free to comment with any questions if you have them, or head over to the Orlando Galloway Facebook page.

Do you run with a training group? If so, who do you run with?

Summer Running Must-Haves

The Girl's Got Sole - Summer Running Must-Haves

With things starting to heat up here in Florida, it’s time to start thinking about summer training. Most of marathon and half marathon training begins this time of year. I know most of my training is in some pretty brutally hot temperatures. I remember how humid it was when I trained for the NYC Marathon last year, so I expect it to be just as hot this year. Thankfully, I don’t have another 26.2 on the schedule right now, but I do plan on running some high mileage days in preparation for the half marathons in the Fall. Here are some of my must-haves that I find I need for my training.

Cooling towel. The kind you can get wet on a run and they help cool you down. Mission towels are my go-to and they are a game changer. All you have to do is get them wet, snap it and it gets cool! The technology is awesome and I don’t go for a run in the Florida heat without one anymore. They also make other products with the same cooling technology.

The Girl's Got Sole - Mission Cooling Towel

Mission Cooling Towel

SQoosh Bands. I’ve been using SQoosh Bands for a few years now and I LOVE them. They are a sweatband that’s so much more. The bands combine absorbent terry cotton with imported Italian Moisture Wicking fabric. A SQoosh can be used to precisely wipe sweat and unwanted moisture from your face in one fluid motion. You can also get the band wet and it helps cool you off. It’s the best smarter sweat band out there.

The Girl's Got Sole - SQoosh Bands

We’ve got our SQoosh Bands!

Sunscreen. This should be a no-brainier, but I admit, I can forget this one myself sometimes. But, it’s so important when you are out running in the heat during the summer. I don’t have a favorite, but I tend to use Coppertone Sport or Neutrogena Sport more than any other kinds.

The Girl's Got Sole - Sunscreen

Sunscreen protection.

Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra. It’s no secret that I love Skirt Sports, especially since I’m an Ambassador for them. I can’t imagine running without my Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra skirts. Not only are they comfortable and lightweight, but they help keep you chafe-free during your runs due to the compressive mesh fabric shorties. And, they are UV 50+. (you can save 15% off your order with discount code 149CHEN!)

The Girl's Got Sole - Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra

Elvis loves my Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra too!

2Toms SportShield. Ever since I tried 2Toms products, I was in love with them. The SportShield is a skin guard and chafing protection in a liquid roll-on or portable towelettes. The invisible coating helps eliminate the friction that causes blisters, chafing and other painful irritations. I use it on my feet and under my bra strap. Also recommended is 2Toms BlisterShield, it’s a lifesaver on your feet for those long marathon training runs.

The Girl's Got Sole - 2Toms SportsShield

2Toms SportShield

Handheld Water Bottle. I actually just had to get a new handheld, and ended up deciding on the Nathan Quickshot Plus Hydration Flask. It’s been great for my shorter runs, very easy to access and doesn’t feel bulky on my hand. On longer runs, I go with a hydration belt from Fitletic which I love.

The Girl's Got Sole - Handheld Bottle

Nathan Handheld Bottle

Running visor. I have collected quite a few visors, as I like running with them in the summer months and when it’s too warm for a hat. BOCO wear is a favorite, as it is made with a leightweight wicking tech material as well as a black underside of the bill which reduces glare.

The Girl's Got Sole - Running Visor

Love wearing my visors!

UCAN Hydrate. I started using UCAN products last summer and I always make sure I’m stocked up. UCAN Hydrate is a natural electrolyte replacement with zero calories, no sugar and 5 essential electrolytes to keep you well hydrated. It comes in two flavors, berry and lemon-lime, the former of which is my favorite.

The Girl's Got Sole - UCAN Hydrate

UCAN Hydrate

What are your summer running must-haves?

Workout Recap W/E: 5/12

Last week was a good week, workout-wise. Got in my usual 5 days with 3 days of running, and 2 of cross-training. On Saturday, my group took out run out to the Seminole-Wekiva Trail again, one of my favorite trails to run in the area. It was a bit warmer than it was a few weeks ago when we previously went, but still had a good time. Also, I finally got back on the track last week, which I needed to do.

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday group run

Sunday, May 6th – Bike workout at the gym to start off the new week.

The Girl's Got Sole - Sunday bike workout

Monday, May 7th – Hit the gym before work for just over 7.5 miles on the bike.

The Girl's Got Sole - Monday bike workout

Tuesday, May 8th – Great run with some of my group. One of my best 3-milers in awhile, as I felt pretty good.

The Girl's Got Sole - Tuesday run

Wednesday, May 9th – REST DAY.

Thursday, May 10th – Back on the track after over 6 months away. Ran an “easier” test magic mile before running another 1.6 miles, then walked two more laps to cool down. Learned I’ve got some speed work to do this season.

The Girl's Got Sole - Thursday track run

Friday, May 11th – REST DAY.

Saturday, May 12th – Group run out on the Seminole-Wekiva Trail, aka Painted Trail. This is one of my favorite out of Winter Park trips for our weekend runs. Was warmer out than I would have liked, but still managed a good pace overall.

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday group run

How were your workouts last week? Anyone run a race?