Hailing All Super Heroes!

The Girl's Got Sole - Wonder Woman Run Series

Disclaimer: I am promoting the DC Wonder Woman Run Series as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Want to have a super hero experience of a lifetime? That’s just what you’ll get when you register and participate in the DC Wonder Woman Run Series! It’s a race experience you and your girlfriends (and guy friends too) will love.

Run or walk 13.1, 10k or 5k on a course filled with live music, Wonder Woman themed scenery and cheer teams to motivate you along the way. Professional photographers line the route to capture all the excitement of your heroic race experience. Not to mention that the photos and video are free to download so that you can relive the fun!

After running the race with your friends, enjoy an awesome post-race concert as well as refreshments and more photo opportunities with your finisher medal.

The Girl's Got Sole - Wonder Woman Run Series

Registration includes a Wonder Woman female cut tech tank or unisex tech shirt, commemorative tote bag and wrist cuffs. You can also shop in the online store to get fully decked out for race day.

You can run in Chicago Gurnee, Kansas City, Fargo, Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle or run virtually. Sign up over at https://dcwonderwomanrun.com. You can save 10% off any event with discount code WWBIBRAVE.

Run the Galloway Way!

The Girl's Got Sole - Run the Galloway Way

On June 1st, the 2019/2020 season of Orlando Galloway training season officially kicks off. The program is put on by Track Shack, and runners of all abilities are welcome to join us!

The Galloway method is a proven run/walk/run style of training which helps minimize injuries and achieve their goals of running half marathon or marathons. Participants do a magic mile which helps place them in pace groups. Then, weekly group runs are done to get you to the starting line of your race(s) feeling confident and ready to take on the distance.

I’ve been running with Orlando Galloway since 2012, and it’s my 6th season as a pace group leader and 8th overall. The program is supportive, motivating, and friendships are formed through the miles. Some of my best friends are my running friends, and we have been friends for years now. There’s nothing like the bond created between runners while putting in training miles and pushing through the good times and bad.

The Girl's Got Sole - Run the Galloway Way

Track Shack is hosting a special Facebook Live event tomorrow night (Monday, May 20th at 7:15pm) on their Facebook page. You can hear more about Orlando Galloway as well as Marathonfest, another marathon training group offered by the store. Head over to the Track Shack Facebook page to learn more.

I’d love to see you on the roads and a part of our Orlando Galloway family if you’re a Central Florida runner! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments as well, if you have any. 🙂

Five on Friday – 5/17/19

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

Happy Friday! It’d the middle of May, and that means summer is around the corner. While I’m not looking forward to the hot humid weather (that’s already begun), I am looking forward to time spent at the pool and hopefully the beach in the coming months.

1. Memorial Day Weekend. It’s coming next week! This means a three-day weekend, and I would love to get out to the beach. Maybe a morning out on the boat with my friend and her husband, have to see what ends up working out. Fun in the sun that involves water for sure no matter what that may be.

The Girl's Got Sole - Pool time

Pool time this past weekend.

2. Orlando Galloway. The new training season kicks off on June 1st, and I am excited about it. This will be my 8th season with Galloway training, and 6th as a pace group leader. I love being able to help others train for full and half marathons, it’s especially rewarding when it’s their first one of the distance! Being a part of a group is a lot of fun, and helps getting up early for those 5am runs easier when you’ve got friends counting on you.

The Girl's Got Sole - Galloway group

My Galloway group last season.

3. Training. Speaking of training, I am working on getting my races for the Fall lined up. I know for sure that I’m going to do OUC Orlando Half Marathon again in December. I also will likely be running the WDW Half Marathon in January. Other than that, I am trying to decide if I will be doing the Zooma Amelia Island race(s) and/or St. Pete Run Fest. Would love to travel for something, but more than likely, sticking with stuff in the state for now.

4. Back in the saddle. So happy to have gotten back out on my bike the last few weeks. I hope to start riding out on the trails once a week when possible on Sundays. It’s definitely more fun that that stationary bike at the gym! 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - Bike riding

5. Working on my motivation. I’ve been experiencing a bit of ups and downs the last 2-3 weeks, mostly energy-wise. I think the summer temps may have caused me a bit of a fibro flare. Hoping to push through it asap and get my goals and all back on track! It can be frustrating when I get so tired, but I am getting better at listening to my body I think. It’s a balancing act and you just have to know when to push and when to get some rest.

I’m linking up with the Friday Five link-up! Please check out the blog host, Fairytales and Fitness as well as some of the other blogs. Have a great weekend!

The Girl's Got Sole - Friday Five Link Up

Product Review: Orange Mud Gear Vest Pro

The Girl's Got Sole - Orange Mud Gear Vest Pro

Disclaimer: I received an Orange Mud Gear Vest Pro to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

When I was offered the chance to review the Orange Mud Gear Vest Pro, I jumped at the opportunity. I have been wanting to try out a hydration vest with a bladder. I had previously reviewed the Orange Mud HydraQuiver in 2016. While I liked the vest, the bottle being on my back wasn’t my preferred way to go. Having to reach back to grab the bottle wasn’t easy for me in the long run.

The Girl's Got Sole - Orange Mud Vest review

The Gear Vest Pro has been amazing for both running and biking. It’s small, and light on my back, and has tons of storage for everything I might need to carry. The front pockets easily hold my cell phone, a UCAN snack bar (or other snack needed), hand sanitizer, and a few dollars in case I need to stop for extra water or what have you. The bladder holds up to 35oz of water, which is more than enough for my needs with half marathon training.

It took me a run or two to get the pack adjusted to my liking, but after that, it’s been the best. I can see myself using this vest for all, or most of my training going forward, rather than my usual fuel belt. It’s nice being able to carry plenty of hydration and my running gear without having a belt around my waist.

Specs on the vest: weighs 11.2 ounces, bladder holds 1L/35oz of water with a bite valve, has a bulk cargo pocket, zipper secure cargo and key clip pocket. Front pockets hold plus-sized phones or extra soft flasks.

The Girl's Got Sole - Orange Mud Gear Vest pro

If you are looking for an awesome hydration vest, this is definitely one you need to consider. I highly recommend it, no matter whether you are training for a half marathon, marathon, or a cyclist. You can save 15% off your own Orange Mud Gear Vest Pro with discount code BIBRAVEGVPRO. The vest comes in orange, green and brown. Of course, I love the orange, being a BibRavePro. 🙂


The Girl's Got Sole - Orange Mud Gear Vest Pro review

Be sure to join #bibchat on 5/21/19 at 9pm Eastern with sponsor, Orange Mud for your chance to win a vest! This is a Twitter chat you won’t want to miss! And, you’ll have a great time chatting with fellow runners!

Workout Recap W/E 5/4/19

The Girl's Got Sole - Workout Recap

Post-Saturday long run with Colleen.

I just looked back at my previous workout recaps, and I haven’t done one since mid-March! Especially with the summer starting up soon, time to get my ducks in a row and all that stuff.

Sunday, April 28th – Bike workout at the gym. I was over my parents for my birthday weekend, so went to my mom’s gym for my cross-training.

The Girl's Got Sole - Sunday bike workout

Monday, April 29th – Bike workout at the gym. Got in 8 miles after work, since I didn’t get up early enough to get it done.

The Girl's Got Sole - Monday bike workout

Tuesday, April 30th – Run with the girls in Baldwin Park. Started feeling the humidity, we are getting the Florida summer weather back!

The Girl's Got Sole - Tuesday morning run

Wednesday, May 1st – REST DAY.

Thursday, May 2nd – Track Thursday. 2.5 miles of running, and 1 mile of walking. Did a lap of walking to warm up, then a Yasso 800, followed by another lap of walking. We then did two miles of 400s. It was a great, but exhausting speed workout.

The Girl's Got Sole - Thursday Track

Friday, May 3rd – REST DAY.

Saturday, May 4th – Long run day. Did 7 miles with my friend, Colleen. Another runner friend, Ashley joined us for the first couple of miles. Again, it was humid out there. Time to bring the cool towels with me on my long runs again.

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday long run

How were your workouts last week? Or, maybe run a race?

Are you up for a Challenge?

The Girl's Got Sole - Are you up for a challenge?

From location destination races to virtual runs, Zooma has something for everyone. You can run the Great Lakes, Cape Cod, Amelia Island, or through Texas Wine Country. Or, you can run in your own backyard with your tribe through a virtual 5k. The decision is up to you. Do one, do them all, just get out and get moving!

If you haven’t checked out Zooma Women’s Run Series, there isn’t a better time than now. In fact, you can sign up right now for a virtual 5k or 1k and get in on the Find Your Health 5k. Event takes place during National Women’s Health Week from May 12-18, 2019. The nationally recognized week serves as a reminder for women to make their health a priority while building positive healthy habits for life.

The Girl's Got Sole - Find Your Health 5k

Being a part of the first-ever Find Your Health 5k is easy. Sign up for the race, and Zooma will send you a virtual race bib via email. Then, gather your running tribe and run anytime between May 12th and 18th. Post a photo of your run on social media, tagging @zoomarun and @womenshealth, along with the hashtags, #findyourhealth #zoomanation. Then, your medal and shirt will be dropped in the mail and headed to your mailbox!

Maybe you need a challenge to get fit this summer. The Zooma Summer Challenge may just be the extra motivation you need to achieve your goals. It is a 6-week challenge from June 4th – July 22, and includes everything you need to up your fitness and nutrition boundaries. Registration includes a 6-week workout plan, 6-week healthy food challenge, plank & ab challenge, a Facebook motivation group, an awesome swag bag, and more. You can get all the details on the summer challenge and register here. Get more information on Zooma Challenges over on ZoomaRun.com. Enter discount code ZOOMARUNBR to save 15% off registration!

The Girl's Got Sole - Zooma Summer Challenge

Do you enjoy adding virtual runs and challenges to your fitness routine? Do they help motivate you?

Another Trip Around the Sun

The Girl's Got Sole - Another trip around the sun

Last Thursday, I celebrated another year of life. Another year traveling around the Sun. It’s kind of weird, I almost don’t get excited about my birthday anymore. True, I did last year when I entered a new decade, but not sure turning 41 meant a whole lot. I mean, I don’t FEEL as though I’m 41 years old. Where the heck did all those years go? They just seem to fly by.

It was nice to be off from work (I scheduled myself to be on PTO on both Thursday & Friday), because honestly, who really wants to have to punch the clock on their birthday? I prefer not to. Even if I don’t do much, it’s nice to have the day to yourself.

The Girl's Got Sole - Birthday run

Birthday run fun

The day began with a nice run of 4.25 miles with a couple of my running girls. Originally, I was going to do 4.10 miles, but since we had a bit to go before we returned to our cars, it became 4.25! It was still a meaningful number. I mean, I wasn’t about to even attempt to do 41 miles! Ha, yeah I’m no ultra-marathoner. I admire the heck out of those that do them, but not my thing.

Later, I took my sweet budgie bird, Toby, and we headed over to my parents house. I haven’t seen them in about a month, so it was nice to visit and enjoy some time with them. I mean, they are the reason I am here, after all. Love my parents. 🙂

On Friday, I had plans to see Avengers: Endgame. Wow, was it an emotional ride. I laughed, I cried, and had all of the feels. Truly an amazing movie. Will I see it again? You bet I will! Also, the blu-ray DVD will become a part of my Marvel Cinematic Universe collection.

The Girl's Got Sole - Run for the Trees 5k

Before the 5k with my runner friend, Jackie.

Saturday morning, I got in a 3 mile run with one of my runner girls before we ran my favorite local 5k. Run for the Trees 5k has become sort of my “birthday 5k.” I didn’t run it last year (blanking on why not), but I’ve run it every other year since 2012, so it’s a tradition. Did pretty well too, ran it with a pace of 12:06 per mile. Not a PR for me, but a good time for me these days.

All in all, a good few days for my birthday. Maybe next year, I’ll try to do a girls weekend at the beach or something. That would be a great time. It’s all about time spent with family and friends.

Do you do anything fun for your birthday?

Wonder Woman Run Series: Little Rock

Disclaimer: I am promoting the Wonder Woman Run Series: Little Rock race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

The Girl's Got Sole - Wonder Woman Run: Little Rock

Calling all superheroes in Little Rock (or surrounding areas)! Runners and walkers are needed for the DC Wonder Woman Run Series 10k or 5k on May 11th. Time to pull out those capes and tights and get out there!

The race starts and finishes at the William J. Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, giving participants an amazing race course through downtown. Before the race, there will be live music, jumbotrons, and fun photo ops, including photos with the Amazon Warrior herself, Wonder Woman! Then, the fun begins, as hundreds of superheroes flood the streets of Little Rock! After the race, an awesome concert to enjoy, more photo opps, refreshments, and more!

The Girl's Got Sole - Wonder Woman Run Little Rock

Registration includes a DC Wonder Woman Race Kit: including your choice of a women’s cut tank or unisex tech shirt, wrist cuffs, and a commemorative tote bag, free professional photos and video, Wonder Woman finisher’s medal, and an amazing post-race party. There is also a shop on the website to buy more Wonder Woman gear.

Ready to take on the Wonder Woman Run experience? Register for the race using discount code, WWBIBRAVE to save 10% off both distances!

The Girl's Got Sole - Wonder Woman Run Series

Come on body, move!

My body fights me. It seems intent on wanting to stand still, stand it’s ground and battle against me when I want to achieve my goals. Mentally, I am ready to push myself, but physically, my body just doesn’t want to always do the things that I want.

I’ve noticed this the last few months during training runs as well as races. My body likes to cause me some sort of “on the run” issue that I have to really work to push through. The most recent example is this past weekend’s 10k. The last couple of miles, my chest felt as though someone was pushing on it or something. Yes, it was hot and I was a bit overheated, but my breathing became more difficult and my heart race increased. This caused me to walk more than I would have done otherwise.

The Girl's Got Sole - Move

Another example is that during some of my longer runs, I have experienced issues breathing, almost as if I’m having a panic attack and I feel the need to slow myself. It’s the last mile or so, and there my body is, giving me grief. I just have to slow down and walk. I’m also more tired overall during and after a run. As someone who has done 6 marathons and over 30 half marathons, it’s just so hard to deal with my body feeling as though it’s trying to stop me from doing this thing that I love.

I suppose that it’s my chronic illness, my Fibomyalgia that is the root cause of it. Previously, I ran through some tough times with my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, but I suppose the Fibro issues are new to me. I was officially diagnosed with it last summer, so it’s just less than a year ago now. After the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon, I never did feel quite as strong. I guess 2018 was the year it all really began impacting my fitness and all.

Last year, I ran a number of half marathons, but I had more issues during races then. This is especially true from the Fall onward. I did come off of Cymbalta last September, and began taking Savella for my Fibro, so the medications could be a factor. So much is unknown when it comes to Fibromyalgia, so anything is possible.

The Girl's Got Sole - Strength grows in the moments

Then, watching the Boston Marathon on Monday, really dreaming of crossing that finish line someday… but, pulling myself back to reality on that front. As my health stands, I can’t run another marathon. I thought I was okay with that, but honestly, I still have that dream inside of me of becoming a Boston Marathoner. Never say never, but unless my energy-levels and overall physical self can return to what it was in 2015 or 2016, that just won’t happen.

So, while I work with my doctor this year on what he can help with, I plan on doing my own self-help journey. That begins with getting back onto the track this Thursday and working on my speed work. I refuse to believe that my Fibro can pull me down. Maybe I won’t run another 26.2, but I sure as heck can get my half marathon races strong again. This body of mine has trained for hundreds of miles since my running started in 2012, and it can and will do many more races.

The Girl's Got Sole - When God pushes

My faith in God has been the key to so much not only in running, but in my life in general. God has always been there for me, and I fully believe that if I believe in myself and train well, that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

We all have rocky points in our life journey, and I know that I can get through this one, and become a stronger runner again for my Fall races. I won’t give up!

Do you Strava?

The Girl's Got Sole - Do you Strava?

Disclaimer: I will receive an annual Strava Subscription and Strava merchandise as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

Do you Strava? If you are a runner, cyclist or athlete of any kind (or ability), you should! I’ve been a member of Strave since June 2014, but actually didn’t start actively using it until 2017. Back in the early days of my running and working out, I used dailymile. Sound familiar? It shut down this year sadly, but it was the place to log your workouts for years. I met a lot of runner friends through that community.

Strava is what all the cool kids are using now-a-days. It’s been around since 2009, so really, it wasn’t created long after dailymile. Strava is Swedish for “strive,” which is what the creative team is passionate about being through their ambition and attitude. Their misson, to build the most engaged community of athletes in the world.

The Girl's Got Sole - Strava

Joining is easy, and you can either track workouts through GPS on the app itself (available in both Apple & Android stores), or manually enter your workouts later. There is no cost to join Strava, but there is a Summit option, which is a paid subscription. That gives you access to more options and tools for your training. Summit gives you advanced personalized fitness tracking, ability to set custom goals, workout analysis and more. You can get a free 30-day trial of the Summit subscription, and then it’s $5.00 a month after the trial.

When you log-in to Strava, you see your dashboard. This shows your workouts as well as the workouts of those you follow. There are also fun challenges you can join in on regularly, and clubs you can get in on. In fact, if you are on Strava now, or once you join, I’d like to invite you to come join the orange fun in the BibRave Club!

The Girl's Got Sole - Strava

So much going on when you are a part of the Strava community! If you don’t already log your workouts and participate, now’s the time to get in on the fun! You can follow my training here. Let’s follow and encourage one another this year with our fitness goals!