Workout Recap W/E: 2/10

Last week felt like a blur. I spent most of it feeling as though I was in a fog or exhausted state of some sort. In between it all, I somehow managed to workout 5 days as usual. I suppose I’m stubborn, because I don’t plan on letting some autoimmune disease dictate how I live my life. I’ve learned how strong I am capable of being through God and my running. It may not always be easy, but I won’t give up.

The Girl's Got Sole - Melissa & Shannon after 12 miles

With my running partner in running 12 miles on Saturday morning.

Sunday, February 4th – After tossing and turning a good portion of the night, I ended up at the gym. Sundays are usually my one day that I let myself sleep in without an alarm, but my body had other plans. Got in just over 10 miles on the bike for a great workout to start off the week.

The Girl's Got Sole - Sunday bike workout

Monday, February 5th – Good cross-training workout on the bike before work. It’s a good thing that I usually tend to get my workouts done in the morning, because I would have never gotten it in after work. It was an exhausting day, the beginning of my flare up.

The Girl's Got Sole - Monday workout

Tuesday, February 6th – Tuesday morning run with my group. It was a bit cool at the start, but once I got moving, it felt great. I may have been tired, but I never regret running with my group.

The Girl's Got Sole - Tuesday run

Wednesday, February 7th – REST DAY.

Thursday, February 8th – This day getting out the door for any workout was hard. My back was hurting, and I was super tired. So, I slept in a bit and then hit the gym instead of my 5am run.

The Girl's Got Sole - Thursday workout

Friday, February 9th – REST DAY.

Saturday, February 10th – Saturday long run! I wasn’t sure if I would get in 10 or 12 miles for half marathon training on this day. But, I was able to get 12 done, thanks to my running friend, Melissa who did the last couple of miles with me. I hadn’t run more than 8 miles since the WDW Half Marathon on January 6th, so I felt these miles.

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday long run

How were your workouts last week? Did you run a race, or are you training for one?

Five on Friday: 2/9/18

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

Happy Friday! It’s felt like one a long, rough week for me, and I couldn’t be happier that the weekend is right around the corner! That said, let’s do another Five on Friday post. πŸ™‚

Battling my body. I’ve been feeling like I’m battling with my own body this week. Since Tuesday, I’ve had a flare up with awful exhaustion, body aches, mental fog, and just general cruddy feelings. As most know, I already deal with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, but my doctor is now looking into Fibromyalia. I’ve possibly got this auto-immune disease now as well. Unfortunately, once you have one autoimmune disease, the likeness of getting another one is high. I’ve got more blood work being ordered, but that rarely tells me anything less for that my levels “appear normal.” Gotta love that. That said, I’m fortunate that my doctor is listening to me how I feel.

The Girl's Got Sole - My help comes from the Lord

Refuse to give in. All of that said about my body giving me a battle, I still plan on doing my thing. I’ve got a life to live, half marathons to train for, general stuff to do besides laying in bed all day. I know I can’t do it alone, my strength comes from the Lord. I’m not asking Him to take away the exhaustion and pain (although, that would be great obviously), but I ask Him to help me deal with it. Because of His Strength, I can do all things through Christ.

Winter Olympics! The Winter Olympic Games have begun! I admit, I’m a bigger fan of the Summer Games, but I love watching the Olympics! It’s always so inspiring and motivational to see what these amazing athletes can do. The stories of where they came from, and how they have made it to the Games is also great. My favorite sports during the Winter Games are Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Luge, Bobsledding, and Curling.

The Girl's Got Sole - Toby bird

Toby the talker. I haven’t mentioned my parakeet Toby lately, but he is always at the forefront of my mind. After all, he is my baby. πŸ™‚ He has become quite the talker and little entertainer. His vocabulary only seems to grow each day. His latest words/phrases include: silly bird, okay, mommy, what are you doing, and more. The little guy is so sweet and smart! Love him so much.

Spring Skirt Sports! The new Skirt Sports prints are out, and they are awesome. I have to choose carefully, because my spending money is tight right now. So, I’m looking at the Holiday Print, pretty sure a Gym Girl Ultra in that print will soon be mine. It’s just so awesome! If you want to get yourself some new Skirt Sports goodness, use my discount code 149GGS at checkout for 15% off.

The Girl's Got Sole - Skirt Sports

Half Marathon Training

The Girl's Got Sole - Half Marathon Training

With two half marathons coming up, First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon on March 18th, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville on April 28th, it’s time to ramp up training. I keep my Saturday run base between 6 and 8 miles, so that makes it easier to get my mileage back up.

My current plan is to do a 10 mile training run this coming Saturday, February 10th. Since I’ve got the Quack Attack 5k on the 17th, I’m going to do 5 or 6 miles before that fun race. Then, on February 24th, run a 12 mile training run.

In March, with the Best Damn Race 10k on the 3rd, I need to boost that mileage up before the race. I’ve emailed the race to see if I can change the race to the half marathon distance, that way I can use it as a training run. That would be the best way to be able to get in a 13-14 mile long run. So, we shall see if I need to rework the next few weeks of my training for Sarasota.

The Girl's Got Sole - Half Marathon Training

After the Sarasota Half Marathon on March 18th, I will have 5 weeks in between that and Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville. Will definitely need a couple of long runs before that half marathon. The good thing is, I have the Winter Park Road Race 10k the weekend after Sarasota, so that keeps that weekend lighter. Then, I can do a double-digit long run the following weekend, April 7th. Thinking a 12-miler would work well.

I’m looking forward to my March and April races, especially First Watch Sarasota Half, Winter Park Road Race 10k, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half. Those two races will make half #32 and #33.

Do you have any races you are training for right now?

Rockin’ Around Nashville!

Disclaimer: I received free entry to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

The Girl's Got Sole - Rock 'n' Roll Nashville

I will be running my first Rock ‘n’ Roll race on April 28th in Nashville, Tennessee! The series has been one I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to run the half marathon as a BibRavePro. This is also my first race in the state of Tennessee!

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series has been around since 1998. The series was founded around making running fun with bands throughout the course. Each race weekend opens with a world-class Health & Fitness Expo, and concludes with a finish line concert with a major headliner. The events have also helped raise more than $310 million dollars for charities like St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

The 2018 Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville event includes a marathon, half marathon, 5k, 1 miler and a kids race. This year, there are new features for the race series include a new Marathon finisher zone with massages and pizza, new light-up corral markers, and clearer aid station signage.Not to mention more music! Runners can jame out to on-course mile marker tunes, and pick your own Spotify BPM playlist to inspire your next run. Check out the complete list of Spotify playlists here.

With less than 90 days until race weekend, I’m already getting excited about running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half Marathon! The 2018 course isn’t up just yet, but you can check out the 2017 route information. Register for the Marathon or Half Marathon and save $15 off by using discount code RNRBRP2018.

The Girl's Got Sole - Rock 'n' Roll Nashville

Workout Recap W/E: 2/3

We’re finally into the month of February! January definitely felt like a long one to me. I’m looking forward to the coming weeks. I’ve got one race this month, and with my next half marathon in March (First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon), some long training runs to get in.

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday group run

Sunday, January 28th – Bike workout at the gym. After waking up with a migraine, I was able to get out to do my cross-training workout. I never like missing a workout, so was glad to get it done.

The Girl's Got Sole - Sunday bike

Monday, January 29th – Bike workout before work. I never miss a Monday (well hardly ever anyway LOL).

The Girl's Got Sole - Monday bike

Tuesday, January 30th – When you wake-up tired, you opt to skip your run and then get in a workout after work. I would have preferred a run, but got another bike workout in.

The Girl's Got Sole - bike workout

Wednesday, January 31st – REST DAY.

Thursday, February 1st – Run day! Did some hill repeats with my group at 5am. Felt good to get out there and run for the first time of the week.

The Girl's Got Sole - Run day

Friday, February 2nd – REST DAY.

Saturday, February 3rd – Long run day. I got in 8 miles with my group in Winter Park. Great run, favorite workout of the week.

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday long run

How were your workouts last week?

Ultimate Coffee Date – February 2018

The Girl's Got Sole - Ultimate Coffee Date

The weekend has arrived! If I had to pick one day of the week that was my overall favorite, that would be Saturday. Most of my runs take place on Saturday mornings, and there’s no clock to punch in at work! πŸ™‚

This post is a part of the monthly Ultimate Coffee Date link-up from Deborah of Confessions of a Mother Runner and Coco of Got2Run4Me. Be sure to check out their blogs, and of course all of the coffee date link ups.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you… after my run this morning, we are having our end of the season breakfast with my training program. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, our gatherings are always a fun time. For the first time, we are having it at a local brewery, so that should be interesting. I am not a beer drinker, so unless they have mimosas, I will stick with my coffee. πŸ™‚

The Girl's Got Sole - Runner friends

If we were having coffee, I would tell you… I’ve now been energy drink free for a month! One of my goals for the year was to give up energy drinks like Red Bull. I was drinking like two a day! In the end, it didn’t help my exhaustion caused by my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I’m now drinking only coffee and having some pre-workout stuff before some of my workouts.

The Girl's Got Sole - Quack Attack 5k

If we were having coffee, I would tell you… I won a free registration to run the Quack Attack 5k this month! I have been wanting to do this fun race, but always seem to be too busy or what have you. The race benefits United Against Poverty Orlando. Some of my group is going to do it with me, and I look forward to the fun we will have!

The Girl's Got Sole - Ultimate Coffee Date

How about you? If we were having coffee together, what would you tell me? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

2018 Skirt Sports Ambassador

The Girl's Got Sole - Skirt Sports Ambassador

I’m excited to announce that I’m back for a fourth year as a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain! I’ve been blessed to be a part of this amazing empowering company since 2014. Skirt Sports is a brand that I have believed in for years, and it’s all about REAL women out there!

Skirt Sports is the only women’s active wear brand for REAL women. Not only are the products made from sizes XS to XXL, but the company is about so much more than clothing (although the clothes rock!). Skirt Sports helps women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnic backgrounds, and athletic backgrounds get out there and achieve their healthy best. From a program helping women walk their first 5k, running a 13.1 race, educating themselves about nutrition and proper form, to just hanging out having coffee with some girlfriends, it’s all about REAL women.

The Girl's Got Sole - Skirt Sports Ambassador

#REALwomenmove is all about redefining what being a healthy, fit, and strong women is. So often we see so-called “perfect bodies” out there showing us what fitness should look like. In reality, fitness has no set shape or size. EVERY SINGLE WOMAN should be love who she is and embrace her beauty. The movement is one of empowerment, showing others that health and fitness can still be a priority in her life throughout the craziness of everyday life.

In 2018, Skirt Sports will continue to empower women in many ways. We are all one community, full of awesome and strong ladies! πŸ™‚

You can save 15% when you shop at with discount code 149Chen.

Monday Musings 1/29/18

The Girl's Got Sole - Monday Musings

Happy Monday! I know, Mondays are not always our favorite day of the week, but we’ve got to stay positive. I’ve learned that your attitude, your frame of mind can dictate so much about how your day will go. That said, I’m choosing to see this as a happy, good one!

Over the weekend, I went to go see my grandmother. Nana lives in an assisted living home, and it’s been kind of hard for me to think of her needing so much help to get through the day. This was my first visit to see in in far too long, and while it wasn’t the easiest thing, I am glad I did it.

Nana is 90 years old, and since her multiple falling episodes last year, her brain isn’t the same. She tends to only comprehend some of what you say to her, and she isn’t always there mentally. On my visit, she seemed to think my mom and I were there for some sort of meeting. Then, when the meeting didn’t seem to be happening, she told us that it was rude of these people to call a meeting and not show up. We told her that we were there to visit her, and it didn’t matter. Still, it bothered my grandmother.

The Girl's Got Sole - Nana & me

Seeing a family member go through this, and not being the person you once knew is rough. It saddens me, and while I plan on seeing her whenever I can, I choose to remember her for who she used to be. Nana used to be a great person to talk to about all sorts of things, especially news and politics. We didn’t always agree, but I miss being able to have a real conversation with her.

I was glad that my mom came with me, made the visit a little easier. It was also nice that I got a chance to see my Uncle George, who came by as we sat there with Nana. He’s been going through a lot himself health-wise, so I pray things get better for him soon. I look forward to having some family time again next month when my Aunt Kyle comes down for a visit. The family used to get together regularly when I was growing up, and in the last few years, that hasn’t happened like it used to.

That was the main highlight of my weekend, seeing my Nana and being able to do it with mom. And of course, I enjoyed a great run with my group that Saturday morning. We changed things up and ran in Apopka for some Florida hills. I definitely need to start doing more of those with First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon coming up in March!

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday running group

On Sunday, I woke up with a crummy migraine. This annoyance took away half of my day. I ended up going back to sleep and finally was able to get out the door and hit the gym a bit after lunchtime. I was glad that it calmed down because I hate having to miss a workout. Stinks that I lost part of the day to the migraine though. Praise God that it went away.

The weekend is just never long enough, no matter how you look at it. I always say that we need another day between Saturday and Sunday. Ha! πŸ™‚

Looking at this week, I’ve got 44 hours to work (we have been on required OT since January 2nd), and have my regular workouts on the schedule. I should also have an announcement by week’s end, something I’m really excited about! I can’t wait to let everyone know, as it’s something I’m really excited to be a part of.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything with family or friends?

Join me at #bibchat!

The Girl's Got Sole - #bibchat

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Workout Recap W/E: 1/20

You know you haven’t blogged enough in the last week when the post before your workout recap is the previous week’s recap. Life’s been busy, but gotta do better this week on that! πŸ˜‰
Oh, and I need to get my WDW Half Marathon Race Recap up! It will be up in the next few days.

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday run group

Sunday, January 14th – Cross-training in the gym. Got in 9 miles on the bike late in the morning.

The Girl's Got Sole - Bike workoutMonday, January 15th – Bike workout in the gym before work.

The Girl's Got Sole - Bike workout

Tuesday, January 16th – REST DAY.

Wednesday, January 17th – 3 mile run with runner friend, Cindy first thing in the morning. Missed running on Tuesday, so was happy to get a run in.

The Girl's Got Sole - 3 mile run

Thursday, January 18th – Bike workout in the gym. We had temps in the 20s, so my group all decided to skip the morning run. I hit the gym after work to ensure I got in some cardio.

The Girl's Got Sole - cross-training bike workout

Friday, January 19th – REST DAY.

Saturday, January 20th – Group run in Winter Park. Did 6.4 miles and was glad to be back out on the roads with my group for a fun run.

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday run

How were your workouts last week?