Weekly Rundown: W/E 8/8/20

The Girl's Got Sole - Weekly Rundown

Hey everyone! It’s time to do my weekly recap for last week. This post was previously called Workout Recap. Still the same stuff, just changed the title. As I write this. it’s Sunday evening. Why does the weekend seem to always go by so fast? I need more weekend! πŸ™‚

Sunday, August 2nd – Bike workout at home. My gym started a policy that members need to wear a mask WHILE they workout as of August 1st. So, I put my account on hold for now. I’m okay with wearing it in and out of the gym and when I’m not working out, but I can’t really workout with a mask on. So, I did my bike workout at home. Got in 13.2 miles in just over an hour.

The Girl's Got Sole - Sunday bike workout

Monday, August 3rd – Bike workout at home before work. Got in 12 miles in 56 minutes. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love the gym, but I also like being able to workout at home. Nice being able to get dressed and just hop on my bike without driving in my car to the gym 10 minutes away.

The Girl's Got Sole - Monday bike workout

Tuesday, August 4th – Tuesday morning run with my Galloway group. We did a hill run, well they are sort of hills. LOL! It’s a neighborhood near where we meet up and it’s got some inclines we use for hill repeats. It was quite hot and humid, definitely was a tough one.

The Girl's Got Sole - Tuesday morning hill run

Wednesday, August 5th – REST DAY.

Thursday, August 6th – Track Thursday run. Workout was 1000s x 5. I got in 4 of them. Warmed up with a lap of walking, then got into the workout. After each 1000m, did a 200m walk in between. Then did a cool down lap of walking. Another great speed workout.

The Girl's Got Sole - Thursday Track workout

Friday, August 7th – REST DAY.

Saturday, August 8th – Long run with my group. Did 8 miles, mostly in Baldwin Park. It was still hot out, but I felt better than I did during the previous weekend’s 6 mile run. Having a neck fan and cooling towel were a big help. I don’t know what I’d do without at least my cooling towel during these summer runs.

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday morning group run

How were your workouts last week? Anyone do a virtual race?

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Product Review: MetCon START

The Girl's Got Sole - MetCon START product review

Disclaimer: I received MetCon Start to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

MetCon supplements are designed by athletes for athletes. They are made to deliver concentrated nutrients at specific times of exercise to help you push yourself to optimal performance and get the most out of your training and races. Metcon START helps buffer lactic acid build up, provides sustainable energy release, and essential vitamins and electrolytes to push your limits during performance.

MetCon START is all-natural, contains no artificial flavors, colors of sweeteners. The product uses Stevia, and is Paleo Friendly, Gluten-Free and made in the USA. Each serving contains 200mg of natural caffeine from green coffee beans, which is equivalent to a cup and a half of coffee. Check out the full supplement nutrition facts here.

The Girl's Got Sole - MetCon START review

To use MetCon START, you mix 1 scoop into 12 ounces of water. To access tolerance, the brand recommends trying a half scoop initially. I used a half scoop for a few days when I started the supplement, but moved up to a full scoop within a week. I’m not caffeine-sensitive, so it didn’t bother me. You drink it 15 minutes before your run or workout.

I immediately noticed a difference in how I felt after taking MetCon START. I felt more focused and energized. It helped me push harder through on my bike workout that first day. Using it on my runs yielded similar results, I felt good. Didn’t bother my stomach like some supplements have done in the past. The only side effect I noticed is a bit of tingling, which wasn’t a bother to me. I’ve had that experience in the past with some pre-workouts, and I attribute that to the niacin, or B3. Again, it’s minor, but it’s something to note when using it.

The Girl's Got Sole - MetCon START review

Overall, I really like this supplement. I feel like it gives me the boost that I need for my workouts. It’s especially great for my early morning 5am runs! If you normally drink coffee before a run, this may be a good alternative for you. It’s easy to drink in the car on the way to your run, and it feels clean. The taste is also good, sort of citrus-like even though the canister states it’s fruit punch.

The Girl's Got Sole - MetCon START review

You can get your own canister of MetCon START and save 20% off with discount code BibRave. Code is good for a one-time purchase or a subscription.

I also posted a video review on my YouTube Channel, you can check that out here:

Five on Friday – 8/7/20

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

Happy Friday! We made it to August. It sort of felt like June and July were a blur to me looking back. 2020 has sure been a strange year. I’d really like to return to the way it used to be before this whole covid pandemic crud. Still hopeful for things to improve before the holidays.

1. I miss hugging. Speaking of the pandemic, I miss hugging and contact with those I love. Not being able to be close to my friends and some family since March has been hard for me. So over the whole social distancing thing. I’m a social person, so that’s hard.

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

I miss hugs so much.

2. RRCA Coaching Program. Next weekend, I will be taking the RRCA Coaching Certification class online. I’ve been wanting to become a certified run coach for awhile now, and I’m excited to finally have the opportunity to do so. With the current state of things, they are offering online classes right now. I will definitely post more about it after I take the class.

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

Looking forward to taking the RRCA Coaching Certification.

3. Paparazzi Jewelry. Have you heard of it? All $5 jewelry that is lead and nickel free. The friend that I live with has just started selling it. I have enjoyed getting some nice necklaces, bracelets and earrings through Paparazzi the last few months. You can check out her Facebook page if you are interested. They really do make some beautiful stuff.

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

Nothing like beautiful jewelry for $5.

4. Clif Bar Coffee Collection. I recently bought a box of the Dark Chocolate Mocha flavored bars and they are soooo good! They are becoming a new favorite bar. I have been breaking the full size bar in half and eating half at a time. Each bar contains one shot of espresso. They also make Clif Bar Coffee minis, which I look forward to trying next.

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

Loving these new coffee bars.

5. New Vlog Tech. Last week, I got a new “tech toy,” a phone gimbal. I have been trying to do more video for my new vlog during my runs, and I was told a gimbal stabilizer would be a help. I’m excited to start using it soon! Still learning a bit about it before I take it out on a run. I’ve also got my Akaso action camera (like a GoPro), so it’s nice to have some options.

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

My new Zhiyun gimbal.

How has your summer been going? Any new favorite things you’ve discovered lately?

Race Recap: Carmel Marathon 10k Virtual

The Girl's Got Sole - Carmel Marathon Weekend virtual

Disclaimer: I received an entry to the Virtual Carmel Marathon 10k to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I actually ran my virtual 10k on July 18th. Was hoping my medal and shirt would arrive before my recap, but they haven’t yet. Once they do, I will post them on my Instagram account.

The Carmel Marathon weekend takes place in Carmel, Indiana during March or April each year. Because of the pandemic, the actual race was postponed until October, while offering virtual options as well. With the virtual options opening up in April, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the Carmel Marathon weekend virtually.

The Girl's Got Sole - Carmel Marathon 10k virtual

When I headed out for my run on July 18th, I had planned to complete my Carmel 10k distance. I ended up going further, running 8 miles that morning with some running friends (while practicing socially distancing). It’s hot and humid this time of year in Central Florida, so I knew it would be warm. If only I ran the 10k back in late April or May! πŸ™‚

I enjoyed a nice, beautiful morning run despite the heat. We ran in Baldwin Park, which is a great neighborhood to run in locally. Watching the sun come up is always a highlight of a early morning run for me, and this run didn’t disappoint in that.

The Girl's Got Sole - Carmel Marathon 10k virtual

Since this was a training run (with the added virtual race fun), the pace was pretty conservative. Every mile was under 15 minutes. Pace average was 14:44 minute miles, which was good with temps in the 80s (not even sure what the real feel was that morning, but I’m sure much hotter). This pace range 14ish minute miles is my happy place lately in this summer heat.

This run was a fun one for me, as I did some video for vlogging through the miles. I put together a video and it’s up on my YouTube channel. I like finding new things to keep me going during a run, and taking pictures and now video are two things I enjoy.

After the run, I still felt good, just hot and a bit tired. On my way home, I grabbed my breakfast reward, an acai bowl from my my favorite local juice bar. Nothing like an ice cold acai bowl or smoothie after a hot run! It’s something I enjoy, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚

The Girl's Got Sole - Carmel Marathon 10k virtual

You can still register for the virtual Carmel Marathon race distances on the race website. Use discount code “BIBRAVE5” for $5 off!

Summer Run Training Tips

The Girl's Got Sole - Summer Run Training Tips

Here in Central Florida, we are well into the extreme heat and humidity of summer training. I’m sure it’s not much better in a number of other states across the country. While we may not have any actual races we are sure of being on the calendar in the coming months due to the pandemic, we are all still hitting the pavement or trails and getting the miles in. After training for 6 marathons and over 40 half marathons here in Orlando over the last 8 years, I thought I’d share what helps me deal with the heat during the hottest time of the year.

1. Run early, before the sun comes up. While a 4am alarm on a Saturday morning may not sound like fun, it’s a good plan. Getting up early and getting as many miles in as possible before the sun comes up really does help. It’s still humid out for the most part, it helps avoid the heat of the sun beating down on you.

2. Cooling towels. These have been a saving grace over the years for me. Towels like Dr. Cool/CoolCore are activated by getting them wet, wringing out the water, and snapping. I put them around my neck and it does help keep me cooler during a run. If I’m out for a longer run, I will get it wet again when I pass a water fountain.

3. BUFF with ice. Another option similar to the cooling towel is putting some ice in a BUFF and using that around your neck. The ice will melt as you do your run and help keep you more comfortable and cooler.

The Girl's Got Sole - Summer Training Tips

Some things that I use during summer training.

4. Stay hydrated. This is pretty much a no-brainier and one we hear about time and time again. But, it’s the simplest thing that even seasoned runners can struggle with. Be sure you are hydrating well all week long, as well as on your run. Stash water along your route if you have the ability, or carry a hydration pack or fuel belt. I have been using an Orange Mud Gear Vest Pro for over a year now and I love it. I can carry plenty of water and not have to worry about running out.

5. Slow your pace. I know, we all love to run faster typically, but the heat is a good reason to slow things down. Our bodies can’t cool themselves as quickly in the heat, making it more dangerous to overdo it. That can cause heat exhaustion, or worse, heat stroke. So, run by effort or feel and don’t rely so much on the pace on your watch. Olympian and Coach Jeff Galloway recommends slowing down your runs in the heat 30 seconds a mile for every 5 degree increase above 60F.

6. sQoosh it. I have been using a sQoosh band for years now. It’s like a sweatband you wear on your hand or wrist. It’s made of absorbent terry cotton and moisture wicking fabric. I wear one on my right hand on every run and use it to wipe the sweat from my face. They also come in some fun designs, so you can get one (or a few) you really like.

7. Choose your head wear wisely. Don’t wear a hat to run in the hot summer months. Instead, wear a visor or headband, as you lose most of your body’s heat through the top of your head. Getting your head wet by pouring water on yourself, and/or getting your visor/headband wet can also really help keep you cooler.

Do you have any other tips that have helped you? Share them in the comments!

Workout Recap W/E: 7/25/20

Whew, it’s been pretty hot here in Florida. The theme of my runs these day is humid as heck! I have been training through the heat for over 8 years now, but it always seems worse to me every summer. It’s like I blank out how hot it was the last year. Ha!
I did a couple of weeks of vlog workout recaps on my YouTube Channel, but wasn’t sure it was getting much attention. If you like my recaps, please let me know if you prefer them in blog format like this, or in a video.

The Gir's Got Sole - Workout Recap

Sunrise during our run in Baldwin Park on Saturday.

Sunday, July 19th – Hit the gym for a bike workout. Got in 9 miles, followed by a 1 minute plank. Legs were a bit sore from Saturday’s 8-miler, so took it a bit easier.

The Girl's Got Sole - Workout Recap, Sunday gym bike

Monday, July 20th – Bike workout at home before work. Did 11.3 miles in just over 53 minutes.

The Girl's Got Sole - Workout Recap, Monday bike workout

Tuesday, July 21st – Tuesday morning run with my group in Baldwin Park. Legs were tight at the start of the run, but thankfully, they loosened up by the end.

The Girl's Got Sole - Workout Recap, Tuesday run

Wednesday, July 22nd – REST DAY.

Thursday, July 23rd – Track Thursday. Did two miles of 800s, with a 200m walk in between each. Warmed up beforehand with a walk lap, then cooled down with another two laps of walking.

The Girl's Got Sole - Thursday Track

Friday, July 24th – REST DAY.

Saturday, July 25th – Long run day. Was planning on doing 6 miles, but pushed to get in 8 instead. Wasn’t sure I would make it, as I felt draggy and hot, but got it down. Was glad I got in the extra 2 miles.

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday group run

How were your workouts last week? Let me know in the comments.

Zoinks! Register for the Scooby-Doo Run/Walk!

The Girl's Got Sole - Scooby-Doo Run/Walk

Disclaimer: I received an entry to the Scooby-Doo Run to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Registration is open for the Scooby-Doo Virtual Run/Walk! Run or walk a 10k or 5k with your four-legged friend (if you’ve got one), and earn some awesome swag! You choose the day and location of your run, and complete your designated distance by October 4, 2020. Grab the whole family, including your pup and do the miles all at once, or break it up however you need to. It’s a perfect fun event for everyone.

The Girl's Got Sole - Scooby-Doo Run

All participants get a lightweight long-sleeved tech tee with a hood, finisher’s medal, and insulated water bottle as well as a personalized bib. Upgrade your race kit to include a Scooby-Doo collar and bandana for your pooch!

Sign up today at https://www.scoobydoorun.com/virtual/! This is going to be a virtual run experience you and your friends won’t want to miss.

Workout Recap W/E: 7/04/20

It’s Sunday, which means a new week! Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July weekend. I had a nice time with some friends at the pool and a BBQ with burgers, tater tots, watermelon and snacks. We did get rained out, but thankfully, we had a little over an hour in the pool and sun before that happened.

I did last week’s workout recap as a Vlog on my YouTube Channel. Check it out. Subscribe to my channel if you want to see more of my future vlogs and other videos.

A Different Kind of July 4th

The Girl's Got Sole - A Different Kind of July 4th

How are you celebrating the 4th of July this year? Many of our traditions are going to look different this year due to the whole Covid-19 virus situation.

The 4th of July usually starts off with a local race. I have run Track Shack’s Watermelon 5k a number of years, and last year, I ran in the 4 on the 4th race in nearby Oakland, Florida. I have always enjoyed wearing my red, white & blue and running 3-4 miles to kick off my Independence Day celebrating.

This year, there are no actual, in-person races happening. Track Shack is offering a virtual Watermelon 5k Run, which I’ve considered signing up for, but have yet to. I love supporting my favorite running store, but I’m not sure I want to run the holiday race virtually. The limited edition medal is definitely awesome, so I may be a last minute sign up.

After my 4th of July run/race, I would spent time with family and friends doing a BBQ and hanging out by the pool. Thankfully, this seems to be the only thing that will remain the same this year. And, you better believe there will be cold watermelon! It’s not a good BBQ on the 4th without watermelon! πŸ™‚

Fireworks tend to close the day, and the virus has made public firework displays non-existent. I could pick up some simple fireworks and sparklers to do with my friends, but I’m not really into doing them myself anymore. There’s just something great about watching a huge fireworks show that I love. Doing your own can be fun, just not the same.

The Girl's Got Sole - A Different Kind of July 4th

Past 4th of July races with running friends.

How about you? What are your July 4th plans this year? Are you doing a virtual 4th run? Doing your own fireworks at home with family and close friends?

BibRavePro Applications Are Open!

The Girl's Got Sole - BibRavePro Applications are Open

Are you interested in joining me in the Bright Orange Brigade? I LOVE being a BibRavePro, and mid-year applications are now open!

I have been a BibRavePro with BibRave for almost 5 years now and it’s a community I love so much. As a BibRavePro, we get to review great running gear, products, fuel and run some amazing races! Not to mention we have the best online running community out there! πŸ™‚

Being a Pro has allowed me to run races like the Mount Dora Half Marathon, Atlanta 10-Miler, and the Hot Chocolate 15k. I have gotten the opportunity to try new products like Aftershokz, BUFF, Orange Mud, and Ultima Replenisher. You can check out reviews I’ve done over the years for right here.

Don’t wait long if you want to apply to be a BibRavePro! Applications close on July 3rd! Good luck!!!