December 14th – Rush

Rush. When did you get your best rush of the year?

The word, ‘rush’ has multiple meanings. There’s rush, as in a rush to get from point a to point b…there’s a rush as in a natural high, that great feeling one gets when something great or inspiring has happened… and then there’s rush as in a plant (yes, this is true, I tell no lie). All of that said, I am going to go with the second meaning in regards to this question.

My best rush was being able to fit into clothes I never imagined being able to wear in my life. That feeling when you are trying on a pair of pants that you are sure is too small for your figure, yet they fit is like no other. I experienced this particular rush while up in New York this past Fall visiting family and friends. I had gone shopping with one of my aunts one afternoon. We were entering stores I had only previously wished I could shop in. Having been the girl who wore size 18/20 most of her life, even considering a single digit size of clothing was unthought of in my mind. Never did I think that I would be wearing clothes eight sizes smaller, this thought or consideration never even entered my thoughts.
So, this particular day in New York, trying on a pair of pants that my aunt insisted would fit me, in a size that I did not even reach for was a big deal. Inside that dressing room, I slide on the pair of khaki pants, right leg first, then the left. Pulling the pants up to my waist, I the rush began all at once. As I buttoned the two buttons on the pants, the excitement within me quickly arose. They fit! They really fit me! I was beyond stunned and full of happiness. As I opened the dressing room door to reveal myself to my aunt, I was grinning from ear to ear. This was definitely going to be a moment in my life that I would never forget. What a great feeling.

This post is a part of Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Challenge.

December 13th – Changes

I discovered this neat challenge via Carly’s blog. It is a challenge created by blogger Gwen Bell. To read more about The Best of 2009 Challenge, please check out Gwen’s blog.

What’s the best change you made to the place you live?

Well, presently I am living under my parents roof. I am living here for a few more months until I move back up to Asheville, North Carolina next summer. That said, there is not a lot of changes I can do less for within the room I call my own for the time being.
If I have to narrow down one change I did to the room that stands out, I would have to say displaying the majority of my writing and crime books in the room. It is inspiring to see them right out in the open when I’m writing or merely seeking a bit of inspiration in my day.

Now, once I get back into my own place in 2010 (won’t be just me, will have one or two roommates), I plan on of course displaying the great books, as well as my DVD collection (which has shrunk in the last year). Also, I will be showing off photos of family & friends and some of my favorite photography shots that I’ve taken in the last few years. Lots more will go into my new place, that I know. 🙂

The future and change

Back in 2005, I began my comic creating adventure with my first baby, THE LINE. I was full of enthusiasm and excitement for what lie ahead for myself and my new creation. Soon after I completed the script for the first issue, I found my partner on the book in artist Eric Gravel. Eric and I just clicked right from the start creatively. His initial sketches along with his own eagerness he brought to drawing the book really pushed things forward. A few months later, and there I was, at Wizard World L.A. with issue #1 in my hands behind the Ronin Studios booth. The feeling I felt in not only having something I worked hard to create in my hands, but in being out there at a comic convention sharing it with others was like none other.

From 2005 until this year, I attended as many comic book conventions as I could. I have enjoyed every moment of the ride. This adventure has taken me from Florida to New York to the previously mentioned California. I regret none of the experiences I have had since embarking onward as a comic book creator, not even the bad ones. Every single experience and moment has helped me learn and grow not only as a creator/writer, but as a person.

That all said, sometimes life brings forth new opportunities. I believe this is exactly what is happening for me right now. In the last year, I have gone through tremendous changes in my life. All of the things I went through from 2008 to this time now here in the year 2009 have pushed me in new directions. In short, I moved to Western North Carolina in June 2008 and ended up back here in Central Florida by the beginning of December 2008 due to job loss. In addition to the moving back and forth, I began a weight loss journey in September 2008 (more on that in previous and later blog posts). These things happening in my life along with all the recent experiences this year have changed me. I believe change is a good thing, and this belief stands with my current whereabouts. I feel like a caterpillar who has finally gone into her cocoon and emerged with a new vision on the world around me.

What does all of this have to do with comics you are asking yourself? Well, I have decided to stop creating comics. At least for the forseeable future. Now, I will be completing the HYPERSONIC mini with co-creator Chris McCarver, as well as getting THE LINE #4 in print, but beyond that, no more. This decision in no way has to do with not loving the comic book medium or creating comics. On the contrary, I love and will always love comic books. This decision has to do with the feeling that I need to return to my writing roots, so to speak. I began writing as a kid in school with short stories and for the school newspapers and have been yearning to return to this sort of writing. I want to return my focus to journalistic and creative writing again. Yes, I could still be writing my comic stories at the same time, but I want to truly focus my efforts in this area and I feel that this is the way I need to go for now. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day, and I am working eight of them, and commuting there and back with another hour and a half, so free time is few and far in between most days (not to mention my workouts in the mornings). So, I have decided to just focus myself and narrow things down a bit for now. This could change however…so you may just see another blog post from me in a few months stating I am writing THE LINE or what have you…this is just where I am mentally right now. I felt that for those following the books, they had a right to know what was going on. To all those who have been there, supporting myself and THE LINE since 2005, you have my sincerest appreciation and thanks. Your loyalty means a lot to me. Thank you.

Christmas Wish List, take one

This year, I have to admit that I don’t have much I really want. In the last few years, I’ve started changing my mind about gifts. I tend to ask for things that will be useful in the kitchen or what have you. But, of course, I do have a Christmas Wish List that contains things that I would like to own. Below you will find some of the things I’ve seen this year that would be nice to have given as a gift.

I Am Not a Nugget shirt

The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Vegan Shirt

Food Chopper

Seinfeld DVD sets (seasons 4-9)

NaNoWriMo Conquered!

Just after 8pm Eastern time tonight, I crossed the 50k word count mark! This made me an official “winner” of NaNoWriMo 2009. My final word count, 50,092. I still have much more to write story wise however, as I am not even halfway through the novel. Well, it could be halfway, but irregardless, there is much to write to complete the first draft of the book.

Feels so good to have accomplished “winning” NaNoWriMo, and I already can’t wait until NaNoWriMo 2010! 🙂

Celebration Walking

On Saturday afternoon, I drove up to Celebration, FL to take in the beautiful day there. Celebration is a little town here in Central Florida near Disney. The town celebrates holidays a bit like “the old days,” and has all sorts of fun events going on year-round.

We were having a beautiful weather day here in Florida and so I decided that taking in the town along with a long walk at their walking trail would be a great part of my day. I ended up walking for almost an hour just taking in the fresh air and surroundings. I love taking walks, not only is it a good cardio workout if you keep moving, but it gives you a chance to clear your head and think. Really calms the mind as well.

The finish line is in sight!

Oh yes, that glorious finish line is in my sights now. It is merely feet away and soon, oh so soon I will be crossing it’s yellow ribbon line and celebrating. As of last night, I am less than 3,000 words away from the 50k NaNoWriMo winning word count goal. My word count presently sits at 47,314. Yesterday alone, I wrote over four thousand words which was very gratifying. The rush I feel when I am writing and have really dived into the story and into the characters heads is like nothing else. Amazing experience to have.

Vegetarian Writer & NaNoWriMo

I wanted to let my blog readers know that I am now a writer for! My area title is Orlando Vegetarian Food Examiner. This is a great opportunity that I cannot wait to really take advantage of. The amount of articles for the remainder of this month will be low due to NaNoWriMo, but I hope to write at least an article a week once the novel writing is done. Please click on the link and bookmark my page. I really appreciate everyone checking it out and passing the links on to anyone who might also have an interest.

Quick update on NaNoWriMo…. I crossed the 30k word count mark late last week and am very happy to be a little more than halfway to 50k. Some writing days are harder than others for me, as I have had days where my characters and story really speak to me and I can write and write and write. Other days have proven to be more of a challenge, as though the characters are telling me to leave them alone and go away. 🙂
Anyway, I am further into Nano than I have ever made it the previous two years I have done the event, so that is already an accomplishment. Next up, hitting the 50k word count goal!


So, here it is 11:30pm on Saturday night and I remain distracted. Distracted and under some sort of odd funk. When I say distracted, I mean mentally just not fully able to concentrate on the one thing I know I must do. That is write my novel. True, I have been busy most of the day, getting errands and what have you done, but the last couple of hours, I could have, should have been writing. Instead, I played the procrastination game as I watched Seinfeld in the background.

Now, I’ve been experiencing this “off” sort of feeling now for two or three days. I’m not sure if it’s my ADHD or simply exhaustion, but I am not getting the things done I had planned to do. This distraction problem seems to extend to the rest of my day as well even when I’m at work. It’s going to attempt to get back on the production track tomorrow. It will be a challenge, but I’m up for it. 🙂