Overdoing it?

This is my bike. I love it. But, the two of us may have overdone it on miles last week.

So this week, I’ve been hurting. Specifically, my left hip and my back is a bit sore, and I’ve been experiencing some sciatica symptoms. I’m questioning if I overdid it last week with all the biking. It’s also been rainy weather-wise, so I can likely attribute at least some of the back soreness to that.

This got me thinking about over training and how it can affect your body and how you feel. The body is capable of handling so much, but sometimes, you need to stop and listen to it. I’ve never had issues with over training up till now, as I make sure I get my rest days. But, what about overuse? Sure, I’ve had days where I’ve run hard and been really sore for 24 hours or so afterward, but this time it’s lasting longer.

I tend to want to play on the safe side since my back injury in 2010 when I feel “off” with my back. I am careful and allow my body to rest. I suspect that’s what a lot of my fellow runners do when they’ve had a serious injury like that. I’d rather rest for a few days and be okay, then try to go out anyway and then be out of the game for weeks or months.

Looking around a bit online, I found some info on Piriformis Syndrome which happens to cyclists. While I’m not even close to a professional cyclist or even a real seasoned one, it’s possible I have this issue right now. The symptoms match what I’ve been dealing with. The good thing is, I can get it to calm back down if this is the case. I’m kind of used to sciatica with my back, so as long as it’s just that and nothing more, it makes me feel better. I’ll be honest, I do have that underlying fear that my back will spasm back out again. And, you know what? It just might. My herniated disc isn’t healed, it’s just calm and not bothering the nerve presently. I do my best to not fear it, as I know that it doesn’t really help matters. I pray everyday that God takes care of me and that I stay a healthy and injury-free runner. I have to trust in God that he will allow me to continue to run because He knows I love and enjoy it immensely.

Have you ever overdone it on your training? Or, maybe you’ve experienced over-training? I’d love to hear your story and how you’ve overcome that obstacle.


Overdoing it? — 2 Comments

  1. Have you been fitted for your bike? I’m a new reader, so sorry if you’ve answered that. But I was having some issues with my lower back this year and I adjusted my bike seat and it made a WORLD of difference! No more pain!

  2. My bike was fitted specifically for me when I got it last year (it’s an XS frame, ha). I did have it set properly, but it’s possible the seat has moved since. I may need to have it rechecked for seat height this weekend if I feel up to going down there. Thanks for the suggestion, could be the issue!

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