NYC Marathon Training Update #4


In just 75 days, I’ll be in New York City running the biggest race of my life. Physically, I’m feeling like my training is going well. I’ve got my 20 mile training run this coming Saturday morning. I’ll be up WAY early and running when most sane people are still asleep. Another reason why us marathoners are a little insane I suppose. Not only do we run 26.2 miles, but we train at crazy early/late times as well as through all sorts of weather. Whatever it takes to get in those miles!

Last Thursday, I decided to run another magic mile, to see where I was. I had gotten a bit lazy about doing it back in May/June when I should have, so I knew I wanted to get one done at some point. With Jeff Galloway’s program, your magic mile is a predictor of what you are capable of in a given race. Each time you run a new magic mile, you usually improve. I didn’t improve by a great deal, but I did knock off 7 seconds from last year’s time. I ran the mile in 10:41 on the track. Since I haven’t been doing any real speed-work, I’m not too surprised that I didn’t improve my time greatly. I still would love to get my magic mile done in 10:30 or under. I know I can get there. Once the NYC Marathon is over, I’ll definitely work on my speed more to make that happen.

I’m continuing to fuel my marathon training with Vega Sport, as well as Vega’s Protein & Greens smoothie for breakfast each day. I love that I can get so much nutrition so easily! I use the Vega Sport electrolyte hydrator just about daily, and on run/cross-training days, I have a Vega Sport Protein Shake after the workout. I also use the Recovery Accelerator after long runs (will use this Saturday after my 20-miler) as it will aid reducing recovery time during training. It helps replenish muscle glycogen and electrolytes as well as reduces inflammation, muscle and joint pain. Supports immune system function and protein synthesis. The supplements have worked great for me and I never have stomach issues or any trouble otherwise.


The only thing I’m working out is my day before the long run or race day food. For my previous long marathon runs, I have had some sort of carb meal like ravioli or spaghetti. There was this great frozen meal from Candle Cafe that I loved, tofu spinach ravioli. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find it lately at either of the Whole Foods in the area or anywhere else. So, I’ve been looking for new meal ideas. I love burritos, but not sure they are always the best option the day before a long run. I may just make something earlier in the week, like spaghetti and then just warm it up the day prior to my long run, because I like to have something easily ready to go. With the NYC Marathon however, I will be eating out, and likely later in the day than I usually have my biggest meal with the late start (10-11am). With all the great options in NY, I want to stick with things I know work for me.

Finally, mental training is a part of my training that I’m going to start focusing on in the last couple of months prior to the race. Jeff Galloway’s mental training book is going to be coming off of my bookshelf very soon. I need to get my head in the right place. I know for me, after the physical part of the race once I get in my miles becomes the easy part, your brain needs to also get trained. 🙂

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