NYC Marathon Training Update #2


There’s just less than five months until I am running the NYC Marathon! The NYRR sent an email reminder on Monday, and it was both exciting and nerving at the same time. Sure, I’ve run four marathons up til now, but this is New York! I’m sure the closer it gets the more of a ball of emotion I’ll become. 🙂

The new session of Galloway training kicks off this weekend here in Orlando. I’ll also be running my longest run since Gate River Run back in March. I’m actually already signed up for a half marathon on Sunday, so the plan is to run the first 9 or so miles (schedule calls for 9 miles), and then walk the rest of the race. Could I run the whole 13.1? I’m sure I could, but after consulting with Jeff Galloway, the wise thing to do is stick with the marathon training schedule and not over-do it. It’s also a half marathon in the summer heat of Florida, so I’m sure there will be plenty of others walking the last 2-3 miles.


Jeff Galloway has always gone up to 26 miles for marathon training. He also has a training plan for a time goal. This plan goes up to 29 miles. I don’t know if I’ll go up to 29 miles, but I may try to do 27 miles or thereabouts if possible. The reason he gives the longer distance as an option is the additional mileage has been shown to help cut up to 10-15 minutes of time off of your marathon finish time. It would really be nice if I could cut some time off of my time at NY.

The next few weeks of training look like this for long run mileage.
Week 9 (June 6th): 9 miles
Week 10 (June 13th): 6 miles
Week 11 (June 20th): 11 miles
Week 12 (June 27th): 6 miles
Week 13 (July 4th): 13 miles
Week 14 (July 11th): 6 miles
Week 15 (July 18th): 15 miles

There could be a potential issue with the miles I need on week 13, as that’s the 4th of July weekend and the training program doesn’t have a scheduled group run set. Hopefully, I can get some friends to run with, or I’ll have to see about moving things around a bit.

Another marathon training update in a month or so once I get some double-digit mileage in. Thank you for the support that I’ve already been getting as I train for my dream race! And, if you are able, please make a donation to finish breast cancer with the 26.2 with Donna. I’m running NYC for this amazing cause. Thank you!

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