NYC Marathon Training Begins


It begins! Technically, it already began as it’s 27 weeks until marathon #5. Since I’ve been keeping a base of 6-7 miles since running the 26.2 with Donna in February, it isn’t until the beginning of June that the mileage goes up to a 9 mile training run per my schedule. I have used Jeff Galloway’s training program since I trained for my first marathon in 2013, so this one will follow the same plan. No need to change something that works!

I will admit that while I’m excited to be running the NYC Marathon on November 1st, I’m not as thrilled to be training in the peak of summer heat here in Florida. There will be a number of pre-sunrise runs as the mileage goes up. Thankfully, I run with an awesome group of people who not only are great to run with, but some of whom do support and put out ice-cold water and even ice pops. Our program director is also amazing and puts out ice cold towels for us during those hot run mornings.


Our Galloway program kick-off is on June 6th this year. It’s that weekend that I have 9 miles on the schedule. Since I was crazy enough to sign up for a half marathon in June (suckered in by my fellow runner friends, ha), I’ll be running the Echo Half Marathon on June 7th and will likely run 10 miles of the race and then walk the last 5k in. I want to keep myself on the right schedule and not over-do it. But, will play that day by ear more than likely.

Meanwhile, during the month of May, I’ll continue to up my cross-training game and I definitely need to get in some strength work. I also need to get back going with PiYo. If I can get myself on a schedule with the PiYo, I know it will help me with my running a good deal. And, even though swimming is not my strong suit…honestly, I feel like a fish out of water in the pool, I have to say, I do kinda miss it. So, I can foresee getting back in the water this month as well. Not going to set any goals on the swimming, but will do something. 🙂

Are you training for an upcoming race? Marine Corp Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York Marathon, or some other Fall race? I’d love to hear about it. Let’s talk marathon/half marathon training!


NYC Marathon Training Begins — 4 Comments

  1. What training plan do you recommend for a first marathon? I just signed up this week for my first (Disney 2016) and I really want to pick the best plan. I’ve run 16 half marathons, and I use Galloway Run-Walk-Run intervals, but I’ve never followed a set plan. For the marathon though, I know it’s important. I’ve got Jeff Galloway’s “Marathon You Can Do It” book, and I also have the “Train Like a Mother” book, and the training plans are very different. My goal is to finish the marathon, but I do worry about my pace, because I average a 3 hour half marathon finish time. Any suggestions you have are really appreciated!

  2. Hi Jen, how exciting, your first marathon! Definitely go with Jeff’s “To Finish” marathon training schedule. I used it for my first 26.2 and it worked so so well. Doing up to 26 miles on a training run makes you more confident on race day.

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