November is almost here!

Looking a few days ahead to the coming month, I see that November will be quite a busy one. Not only do I have NaNoWriMo (which I hope I am ready for since I haven’t been doing as much prep as I should have), but I have at least two 5k races, a family member coming for a visit, biking and walking goals, and a number of local events I plan on attending. It’s going to be both an exciting and a busy month!

Now that I’ve got my bike up and going, I have goals for cycling. This includes riding on a regular basis, increasing mileage and trying to bike outside of the neighborhood when possible. Of course, the just getting out there on my bike and riding 2-3 days a week to start is the initial hurdle to cross. I know that the more I ride, the better cyclist I’ll be. It’s just like any skill, the more you do it, the better you’ll be. I’ve already discovered that I can easily do 4 miles in less than 30 minutes time, so I know that I can easily build up from there. Finally, I want to take my bike outside of my local neighborhood to other areas of Orlando to experience riding in other parts of the city. This of course requires a car bike rack, so I’m hoping to get a hold of one soon. Also, there’s a group of cyclists who do rides once or more a month that I’d like to join in on when I can.

My speed walking has been going well. I seem to be increasing my speed just a bit each time as well as my heart rate which are two of my goals. So, I’ll be continuing with both of those goals in mind for the immediate future. As far as races go, my next race will be the Florida Hospital Founder’s Day 5k on November 14th in Celebration. I’m looking forward to an event in Celebration, as I really like that area a lot. I’ve walked there a few times when I was able to get up that way. Also, a few co-workers are planning on doing the race with me, so that will be nice. After the Founder’s Day 5k, next up is the Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving. That race takes place in downtown Orlando at Lake Eola. After that, I probably won’t be doing another race until December.

I’ll do my best to blog a few times between this post and the end of November updating on how things are going with NaNoWriMo and my fitness goals and races. I’m also still working on my comic book series, for those curious. More soon!

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