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The Girl's Got Sole - Night Runner Pro shoe lights

Disclaimer: I am a supporter of Night Runner shoe lights. Since the Night Runner 270 lights were created, I was a supporter of the product. That said, I have received Night Runner 270 shoe lights in exchange for previously blogging and promoting the product. No other compensation has been received.

I love Night Runner shoes lights. When I was given the opportunity to try the lights and review them back in 2015, I really loved the product. Ever since, I never run in the dark without my Night Runner 270 lights.

Now, the fine creators of Night Runner 270 have created Night Runner Pro shoe lights. These are a newer version of the shoes lights. The new Night Runner Pro version boosts double the battery life (10 hours of lighted runs) and lumens as the original 270. In addition, the Pro lights will be the first to provide Bluetooth/smart phone integration. Talk about more awesomeness!

The Girl's Got Sole - Night Runner shoe lights

As with the original Night Runner 270, there is a Kickstarter campaign in full swing to fund the new lights. The campaign must raise the full 25,000 in order to green-light the Night Runner Pro shoe lights. Presently, as I write this blog post, they are 58% funded. Getting in on the ground floor now and backing the new Pro shoe lights, $55 will get you a pair of the new lights if the project reaches goal.

If you don’t know about Night Runner shoes lights, please do read my previous product review and check out the Kickstarter campaign information. If you are an early morning runner, night runner, or anyone who ventures out in the dark to get your endorphins on, these shoe lights are a must.

The Night Runner Pro project must be fully funded by Friday, April 21st.

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  1. It sounds awsome. I’m really excited now because I like some lighting things and it fits. Thanks for your sharing.

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