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I’m a born New Yorker, so when something happens in the Big Apple, my heart skips a beat. There is only one other place in the country that can cause a similar reaction and that’s Asheville, NC. I may have only lived in New York for a very short part of my young childhood, but I feel close to it. Not to mention the fact that I’ve got family up there on Long Island.

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So, when hurricane Sandy hit NY, I was concerned. While I knew in my heart my family was okay, not being able to reach them for a time was a bit frustrating. All you ever want to know is that your loved ones are safe. Sandy took away power which is the source for all lines of communication. Thankfully, it wasn’t too long before word came through that all were okay less for damage to homes.

Now, the Big Apple is beginning a massive clean up and rebuilding. If any state can recover from a horrible disaster it is New York. New Yorkers are amazingly strong people. I know they will emerge even stronger after this storm.

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This brings me to the NYC Marathon which is scheduled to take place this weekend. As of this blogging, race officials have said the race is green lighted. Part of me loves that NY can preserve through the disaster and not let it postpone normal activities. The other wonders if it is such a good idea to go on. With all the massibe flooding, debris and transit systems not operating at peak efficiency, will the decision to move forward be a big mistake? Are the streets going to be safe for runners if they are able to get to the starting line?


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  1. So hard being here in Florida seeing what Sandy did to ny and nj…they will get through it though! Hope the marathon stays on!

  2. I know the feeling! My Sis lives right in the center of manhattan and still has no power!! Such a scary thing, but thank god that was the worst of it for them! Hope you have a great day! Spa<3

  3. I know! I grew up in NY as well (upstate), but my thoughts were with my family and friends back East as well…

  4. I was watching nbc tonight and the sound when the person was like all they care about is putting on this ny marathon when we have bodies still washing ashore in long island and staten island… gives you some perspective. very sad. very very sad.

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