New York City Marathon Dreaming

Tomorrow is a big day. It’s a big day for this marathoner anyway. Tomorrow, the New York Road Runners lottery for the 2015 NYC Marathon will take place. This is my 3rd time entering the lottery drawing and I am praying that I get chosen.

The NYC Marathon is my dream marathon, the marathon I have been wanting to do since I became a marathoner. As a New York born girl, I have a lot of love for New York. Running through the five boroughs and seeing one of my favorite places in that way (Asheville, NC is my other favorite) is something I dream about. Sure, it would be awesome to run Boston and Chicago someday, but in all honesty, it’s New York I want above all others.

If you could pass some positive vibes my way for tomorrow, it would be appreciated! I so very much want 2015 to be the year I finally run the streets of New York City.


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