NaNoWriMo 2010!

It’s about that time of the year again…the time of year when thousands of writers spend countless hours day and night tapping away at their keyboards and downing cup after cup of coffee or tea. That’s right, NaNoWriMo 2010 is just around the corner. As I write this, the event kicks off in 28 days.

Of course, I’m excited. I love Nano each year since I started doing the event back in 2007. I can even recall the excitement that came over me in 2009 when I hit that 50,000 word mark and claimed victory. It made the insanity of that month all worthwhile. Definitely a high point in not only last year for me, but in my writing “life.”

This year, as of yet, I have not a clue what I’m going to be writing. Okay, so I know my story is going to be a quest plot, but what that plot is going to be is anyone’s guess. The idea for the plot type itself came to me this past weekend. Something about the idea of a quest, a journey really hit home with me.

I’m not worrying about the actual story idea. Not yet, anyway. I feel that it will come to me very soon. Then, I can have at least two or three weeks to pre-plan and get my mind into things. Sure, it would be great to have more time for the planning phase, but I also think there’s such a thing as too much. As writers we can spend too much time and effort on planning and research. Doing so can potentially take away from actual writing intervals. I don’t know about my fellow scribes, but I can use all writing time allotted and still yearn for more.


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  1. I signed up for NANOWRIMO this year. I haven’t done it before and the past year I have been having this urge to write a book. Subject? Hell if I know! I just know the urge is there lol. I am thinking I need to buckle the seat belt from what I have read from others.

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