Musings on a Monday

It’s been a long day. As I type this, I’m on a short break at work. I got up this morning just after 6:30am as I had an appointment with my ENT doctor (aka Mr. Pearly Whites). The appointment itself went fine. I paid a $50 copay for said doc to look at me for all of two minutes and order a CT scan. I’m obviously in the wrong line of work. Doctors have it made.

Then, it was off to work I went so that I can earn back that $50. My back has been bugging me most of the day which is especially fun when my job involves me sitting in a desk chair all day (back injuries aren’t usually receptive to sitting a lot). Thankfully though, I’m beginning to feel better. I’m almost certain that my nearly 7 mile bike adventure last night is to blame. While I love riding my bike, my back seems to be unsure if it just dislikes the riding, or merely enjoys causing me pain following the exercise. I’m hoping we can find a happy place on the subject.

So, I’m keeping positive about what the week will bring. How has your Monday been?

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