Murder story

Presently, I’m working on research for my nano novel that I’ll be starting November 1st. It’s about a murder that occurred in 1936 here in Asheville. Not sure what angle I’m going to take on it yet exactly, whether I’m going to write a non-fiction or fiction story though. I am enjoying the research process on this one. More soon!


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  1. When they executed him…the doctor check to see if his heart had stopped…..He opens his eyes and said…..”I did not kill that girl”…they executed him a second time…he again opens his eyes and said the same thing…they again executed him…for last time.
    The Battery Park managers are cursed because of their role and cover-up of the real murderer. People told the police they saw a young white boy with blood on him. Police said they GOT a confession from the black man. The young white boy was the manager’s nephew who was rushed back to NY.

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