Mulder's Secret Past

I recently came across some old short stories and such that I have written throughout the last few years. This is a piece of a story that I wrote during season 9 of The X-Files. I was a huge fan of the show, and of course dreamed of being able to write for it. I feel I should note that I obviously have no legal right to The X-Files and it’s characters. This is merely a fan-fiction of sorts. And, while like I said, I don’t own the characters, if for some reason you want to re-post this somewhere, please ask first. Thoughts are welcome, as always. Thanks.

Scully enters her apartment after a long day at work. She is exhausted. “Mmm. What’s that wonderful smell?” She inquires aloud, as Fox Mulder appears in the entry way wearing an apron around his waist.
“Dinner. So, how was your day?” Mulder asks the redhead as helps her out of her beige trench coat.
“This case we’re working on has me downright exhausted. Thank goodness Agent Doggett was willing to stay behind, because I sure didn’t have the energy to look at those reports again today,” Scully muses. “How is William?”
“Sleeping. Just you, me and Fettuccine Alfredo tonight,” Mulder replies with a smile.
“Mulder, you never cook. What’s up?”
“Can’t a guy merely cook for his favorite G-woman without someone thinking that something is wrong? Now, you go change into something comfortable and I’ll take care of everything else.”
After a brief beat, Scully turns and makes way toward the bedroom. Mulder notices the question and apprehension in her eyes, but ignores it. He has already gone over it in his head again and again all week long. Tonight was the night he was going to tell her. It had to be.

The two enjoyed a candlelit dinner together complete with a bottle of champagne. It was all picture perfect and relaxing. With dinner over, Mulder took a deep breath, “there are some things I need to tell you Scully; some things I need to explain.”
“Mulder,” Scully began, “there isn’t anything you need to explain to me.”
“Please Scully, please just hear me out. I need to do this,” Mulder counters back at his former partner.
“After Quantico, I may have been everything my superiors envisioned in a future Bureau Director, less for my obsession for the paranormal. Things aren’t always what they seem however. Good profiling and investigative skills can only take you so far. To keep me on the fast track, I was introduced to a women and fellow F.B.I. Agent. The reasons for her being there were no secret. She was to keep me on track no matter what it took. It wasn’t long before I fell head over heels for her. She was everything I thought I needed or wanted in a woman. She filled in the gaps in my life. She even seemed to understand everything I was going through. My head told me to run, run as far away as I could from her. But, it was too late, she already had my heart wrapped around her finger. Six months later, we were walking down the aisle.”
A look of surprised shock overcomes Scully. She had never thought of the possibility that Mulder may have been previously married. Noticing the look, Mulder takes another deep breath and continues.
“If the Bureau thought I had lost interest in the paranormal and the search for my sister, they couldn’t have been more wrong. I played the good Agent for awhile, allowing them to believe that their plan had worked. This was until I had a run in with the Lone Gunmen. Although, they weren’t the Lone Gunmen back then, not yet. A simple case of apprehending a suspect turned into much more for everyone involved. And, when the day was done, I had far more questions than I had ever had before. Questions which their answers might only be found in the discovery of The X-Files. And, well, you know the rest of the story.” Mulder looks over at Scully, awaiting her response.
“I’ll admit, I never thought for a minute that you had been married.” Scully finally tells him, “but, that doesn’t change anything between us Mulder. The past is the past.”
Mulder shifts uncomfortably in his chair, “for some of us, the past really isn’t in the past,” he explains to her.
“I don’t understand, Mulder,” Scully echos back.
Mulder stands up and reaches into a nearby desk drawer, pulling out a large yellow manila envelope. He hands it to her.
“That came in the mail earlier this week,” he tells her.
Scully opens the envelope, revealing it’s contents. Inside is a handwritten letter, on plain white typing paper. As Scully reads it, Mulder watches her reaction with a knot in his stomach.
The letter is from Diana Fowley, stating how sorry she is that she couldn’t go through with signing the papers after all. That, it was too difficult for her to do.
After a brief moment, Scully looks over at Mulder, the pieces of the puzzle slowly coming together.
“Monday would have been our eleventh wedding anniversary,” Mulder manages to mumble.

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