Motivational Movers Monday

Hey everyone! After having a bit of a tough weekend (specifically Saturday), I wanted to push through the rough and get back up and do something positive. We all need a little inspiration and encouragement in our lives. If you are like me, you love reading stories of great things others have done. Reading about how someone overcame odds and ran their first half or full marathon, lost a lot of weight, or decided to change their eating habits, etc.


So, I want to start a Motivational Movers Monday post. This will be a post each Monday that will feature a story about you. All you have to do is email me at: with a photo of yourself and a little about yourself and your health/fitness accomplishments. Also, your favorite quote or mantra. Obviously, this is going to be shared on the blog, so you have to be good with sharing your achievement(s) publicly. If you are a fellow blogger or are on social media, add that info in your email and I will link to your channels.

I really hope a lot of you want to share your stories and also come by each week to read what others have shared as well as post a comment. Your health and fitness journey could inspire and motivate someone else to change their life! 🙂

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