#MondayMotivation: I Run

The Girl's Got Sole - I Run

The neatest thing happened to me yesterday during my half marathon. I hadn’t used my music most of the miles because I had the opportunity to run with a friend during most of the race. But, during the last 2-3 miles, I turned on Pandora music. The second song that came on, was one I hadn’t heard before. But, it was so incredibly perfect, I knew it was a sign from above.

It was I Run by Brandon Heath. The lyrics are so amazing, and resonated with me. On the surface, the chorus was perfect for the race, but it was so much more than that.

Some days I feel I got nothing left
Like I’m running on empty down to my last breath
My feet are so heavy, don’t wanna carry the load
But then I think of You standing there at the end of the road

I’m in this race, in this race
In this race to run
I’m in this race, in this race
In this race to run

When the miles come slowly, putting my heart to the test
And the wind comes blowing down against my chest
I’ll lean into the burning, press in to the strain
And I’ll know it was worth it all when I see Your face

That’s the first two verses and the initial chorus. Talk about some awesome words! With how tough my life’s journey has been this year, it’s only because of my faith, because of God that I’ve been able to push through.

The lyrics of the song made me really think, and realize how strong I am because of God. My favorite Bible verse comes to mind, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Hearing this song, which felt so perfectly timed, was the extra motivation for those remaining couple of miles to the finish line.

God is so amazingly cool in the ways He communicates with us! I love how He uses songs to help us see, help us realize so many things!

The Girl's Got Sole - Mount Dora Half Marathon finish

Finishing the race on Sunday morning.

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