Monday Musings: WDW Marathon Weekend

After having a bit of a funky week, it ended well with some fun down at Walt Disney World during the WDW Marathon Weekend. On Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the Cigna Blogger Meet-up. This was the second year I was invited, and was looking forward to it after really enjoying the event last year.

Bloggers Unite!

Bloggers unite during WDW Marathon Weekend.

I met up with my fellow bloggers right outside of EPCOT around noon. It was great seeing familiar faces, some of which I’m happy to call my friends. Getting to hang out with blends is always a great time! We then were escorted inside of the park and into the Odyssey Center for the blogger event. I was glad it was inside this year since it was a pretty rainy, wet day.

We enjoyed lunch, followed by a fun game show kind of event. We had trivia as well as fun interactive portions that involved things like dancing and yoga poses. It was a fun time for sure. Cigna really knows how to put on a great, interactive event for bloggers. I also learned some things about health!

After the event, I headed over briefly to the Marathon Expo to visit Team 413. They had their booth outside by the stadium again, so I didn’t even have to go inside the Javits Center! I enjoyed talking with both Chris and Kiki Gillespie. I may be working more with Team 413 soon, so that’s definitely exciting!

Team 433

With Chris & Kiki of Team 413

On Saturday, I started my day off with a 6 mile run with my Galloway group. It was a great time as always, we chatted about all sorts of random things including current TV and movies. I took a short nap once I got home and cleaned up before heading back out to Disney. This time, I was going to Disney Springs for the We Run Social meetup. I’m glad I went out there, because it was a great time. I enjoyed meeting some fellow bloggers/social media folks for the first time. A number of them were running the marathon the next day, some being Goofy or Dopey.

Sunday is my sleep-in day, and I got up around 10am. I then headed to the gym after watching some Law & Order: SVU for my bike workout. Of course, that meant more Law & Order as I pedaled away. Got in 8 1/2 miles of cross-training in about 40 minutes. Stopped for a few things at Target before heading back home. The rest of the day was spent doing a major cleaning of my bedroom. I got a lot accomplished, two bags of trash removed and I have a couple of bags of clothes I plan to either sell online or donate (a bit of both). I also have some running/workout gear and such that I’ll be selling very soon.

We Run Social crew

We Run Social crew at Disney Springs.

This week should be pretty good, especially since I’ve got half marathon #17 on Sunday. Tonight is the second episode of season 17 of The Biggest Loser, which I’m looking forward to. This season’s contestants are already becoming some of my favorite, and I’m loving Bob Harper in the host spot. Be sure to tune in to Beyond the Scale on Wednesday night at 9pm Eastern for the recap show with Austin Andrews and myself. We will have on former Biggest Loser finalist Sonya Jones from season 16!

Before the recap show on Wednesday night, I’m getting the opportunity to check out Airheads Trampoline Arena! I’ve been wanting to try it out for awhile now, and I’m definitely looking forward to jumping around with fellow local bloggers! They say jumping around on a trampoline is an awesome workout.

Of note, stay tuned to the blog, I’ll be posting a race giveaway tomorrow! I’m excited to work with this race again after took a year off in 2015 from putting the race on. The race I am speaking of is the Daytona Beach Half Marathon here in Florida. So, if you have been interested in running the event, you’ll want to enter this giveaway!

Grace Words by Chris Gillespie

Looking like a pretty good week ahead! How about you, any fun plans, workout-wise or not this week? And, did you run a race(s) at the WDW Marathon Weekend? Let us know how it went in the comments!

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