Monday Musings: Race Weekend

Monday Musings

I am SOOO glad I decided to take today off from work. I woke up early this morning (at like 4am) with a head-bursting headache. Ugh. What an awesome way to wake up. I downed some Excedrin and crawled back into bed pulling the covers over my head in hopes of re-entering unconsciousness and waking back up only when the headache was gone. Well, I did wake up again just after 10am, but my headache is playing the lingering game. Not to mention my head already being in a funk due to forgetting to take my cymbalta yesterday. Forgetting to take it causes crazy dreams, some of which can be disturbing or just odd. It’s happened a couple of times before, so I’m familiar with the downside of not taking it, but it’s always weird.

Yesterday, I ran my 16th half marathon at Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon in Cocoa. I’ll have a race report up later this week, but in short, it was a hot one! On the good side, I PR’ed by 35 seconds! So yeah, it was warm, but in the end a good race for me. After running the NYC Marathon 28 days prior, this one did feel easier on me running-wise. I just wish it was better temperature-wise. It was great seeing so many running friends on the course, Space Coast is a big one for all the area runners to converge at.

Space Coast race expo on Saturday with some running friends.

Space Coast race expo on Saturday with some running friends.

Saturday was a good day with three of my Galloway running friends going to pickup our race packets as well as checking out a local art show in Cocoa. We then enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant on the beach there. The expo itself for the race wasn’t much, but I did pickup a couple more Bondi Bands (like I need more, but hey, I admit I have an addiction to them) and a 26.2 magnet for my car (need more magnets on my car just about as much, lol). Then that afternoon and evening, I got my race outfit and all ready for Sunday morning.

Looking at this week, I’m planning to go out tomorrow morning for the Tuesday group run, then hit the gym on Wednesday. Thursday, I’m going to play by ear on the running since I’ve got another half marathon on Saturday morning. Just like last year, I am running the OUC Orlando Half Marathon. I’ll likely walk a good portion of it, since I pushed at Space Coast, but we shall see how I feel on race morning. I do know that I’m definitely not going to try for any kind of time.


Also, I plan on doing a “25 days of kindness” challenge starting tomorrow. The idea is to do some sort of random act of kindness each day. I already have some ideas for things I want to do, but I’m also leaving some of the days open to something spontaneous. I want to be able to make someone else smile somehow. This time of year is about doing things for others, and while I may not have much money-wise, I can definitely do something for someone not as well off or in need of kindness in their day. Feel free to join me if you’d like! There can never be too much kindness being shared!

How was your holiday weekend?
Did you run any races?

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