Monday Musings: Holiday Spirit

We’re all friends here, right? So, I can be honest with you on something, can’t I? I have to admit that I don’t feel very festive or much in the holiday spirit right now. This time of year always seems to creep up on me, and this year, so far, I’m just not feeling it.

weather map

FL likes to avoid participating in the winter Christmas season weather.

Maybe it has to do with the weather. Here in Florida, it’s been much warmer than it should be for the season. Having lived down here for most of my life (as in over 30 years), I’m used to the crazy temperature changes, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten used to it. At least it being warm during the holidays. It’s hard to feel Christmasy and all when it’s 84% humidity outside.

So, I’m working to embrace what this time of year is really meant to be. A celebration of the birth of Jesus. He is truly the reason for the season. It’s also about giving and loving one another. While I do love getting gifts (who doesn’t?), I dislike how commercial Christmas has become. It’s become all about overspending and racking up debt on plastic cards. Families go out just hours after celebrating Thanksgiving dinner and shop just to supposedly get deals on this or that.

While I may be struggling with feeling that holiday spirit, I’m searching for it. I’m looking upward to God to guide me in this search. I believe His inspiration and guidance is all over. We just need to open our eyes and pay attention. For the next 17 days leading up to Christmas day, I’m going to really open all my senses to these signs. I’m ready for it to begin to feel a lot like Christmas

Christmas spirit cat

Have you been in the holiday spirit this season?


Monday Musings: Holiday Spirit — 5 Comments

  1. Oddly enough I have been more in the holiday spirit this year than I have in decades. For the first time the child has taken a real interest in the meaning of Hanukkah.

  2. I’m totally with you. I’m just not feeling it either! I think it is because the focus has just so NOT been there this year. I have my festive lights up, and that is about it! Also, I just though of this, I think my apartment is so cluttered right now (because I can’t really pick things up) and I feel like adding decor would make it even more cluttered!

  3. Yeah…it’s not that I don’t have gratitude or feel blessed, I just don’t FEEL festive. Definitely trying to embrace it more as of today though!

  4. I’ve been trying hard to get some spirit, but I feel overwhelmed just trying to get it all done. I like some of the “pay it forward” stuff that’s going on–one of my friends yesterday had her car wash paid for by another customer. That’s kind of fun!

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