Monday Musings: Florida weather fun

First off, today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It’s the day to honor a man and his vision for a country free of racial discrimination. King brought hope and healing to America. His values of courage, truth, justice, compassion, dignity, humility and service are commemorated on this holiday each year. Today, we honor the Civil Rights leader’s life and great dream of a multiracial nation united together through equality, tolerance and brotherhood.


I have always had a great respect and interest in the life work of Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. since I was in elementary school. I was fortunate to have some great teachers who educated us on this great man and all that he did for our country. An amazing man who sadly was taken from us far too soon. I hope that King’s legacy continues to live on.

Today, I am sore. It’s that post-race soreness that comes after pushing through a long, tough run. That would describe yesterday’s half marathon for me. Shark Bite Half Marathon was half #18 for me and the weather conditions made it a harder race than I thought it would be. We had a tornado watch and pretty bad weather conditions here in Central Florida and that caused the race to be delayed by two hours. It was a bit weird to start a race at 9:30am, but I applaud the race for handling communication well and doing their best to keep the runners safe.

I’ll be writing a race recap soon, but in a nutshell, this ended up being a tough race. The biggest thing was the crazy heavy winds. Especially on the bridge around mile 8, it was quite difficult pushing through the windy conditions. But, these sorts of things make us stronger in the end I think. I am definitely feeling it today, but running has taught me how much I am truly capable of and what I can do that I never thought possible.

Shoe shot before teh race.

Backing up a bit to the day before the race, Saturday was spent with family. Since I had the race on Sunday, I didn’t run on Saturday as I normally would. I went over with my parents to see my grandmother in Edgewater. This is about 8 miles from New Smyrna Beach, where the half marathon would be, so I was able to pick up race packets for myself and two friends as well while over there. It was nice having lunch and spending some time with my grandmother (my only remaining grandparent from my dad’s side). Even though she lives about hour away, I don’t get to see her as much as I would like. One of my uncles was also there, so it was nice to see him as well.

That was my weekend, family, friends and running. The last two combine together which is just how I like it. Most of my friends are runners or somehow involved in fitness. Makes it easier, because we relate in so many ways. Running really brings you closer to people. I have a lot of great friends because of the sport.

This week, the beginning is going to be all about recovery. I am resting up today from yesterday’s half marathon, but may try to get in an easy bike workout after work tomorrow. We shall see how my legs are feeling. I hate taking off too many days from working out, but recovery is important too. Our bodies need it after hard workouts especially, and yesterday’s race definitely ranks in that category!


I do want to mention that there is just a few hours left in my Daytona Beach Half Marathon race entry giveaaway. If you have yet to enter, now’s the time! Remember, you MUST comment to be eligible to win.

How was your weekend? Did you race or get in a long run?


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