Monday Musings: 4/11

Monday Musings

It’s so hard to believe that it’s already the middle of April! Time sure as heck seems to fly sometimes. I usually love this month because my birthday falls at the end of it, but right now I’m in a content zone. By that, I’m feeling good about things, but not necessarily as excited as I have been in previous years. I guess it’s just been that kind of year.

I am in a good place right now mentally and emotionally. This past weekend was a pretty good one, as I got to hang out with my mom and the family feathered and furry creatures at my parents place. There’s a new member of the family as of last Saturday, April 2nd, a new bird has joined our flock. Blue, is an 8-month-old Quaker who is the sweetest little guy. Blue had a wellness check-up at the vet on Saturday since he had been having a slightly concerning issue involving his crop and regurgitating more than seemed usual. The vet came to the conclusion that he likely has a minor crop infection, so he’s on meds for it now. Fortunately, he will be recovered from it soon as it’s a common issue in young, baby birds.

Monday Musings: New birdie, Blue.

New birdie, Blue.

Time was also spent with Rocketbird, the family 13 year-old Congo African Grey and my mom’s two guinea pigs. I gave each and every creature lots of cuddles and love while I was at my parents house. Rocket per usual entertained with her constant talking antics including a newer phrase she seems to love to repeat over and over, “Budgie-Goo.” We aren’t sure where she got that from, as the only parakeet she has known is my Angel baby girl. I’ve never called her Budgie-Goo though, so the only thing we can come up with is that our Grey passed on in 2012 must have taught that to her. Just odd that she suddenly says it now. 🙂

Since I love animals so much, spending time with the feathered and furry family members always makes me happy. My mom and I are also close, so I love spending time with her. She went to the gym with me on Sunday which was nice since she hasn’t gone working out much in awhile. She got in 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill while I got my bike workout done. We then did a couple of nearby errands before heading back home to watch my church’s live online stream since I hadn’t gone to the service on Saturday night. Mom likes the church I attend in Longwood, but unfortunately, that’s too far for her to go from Kissimmee. Before I knew it, I had to gather my stuff and head back home as the weekend was coming to and end. There just never seems to be enough hours in a weekend!

Despite getting to bed a bit late (I need to work on getting to bed earlier, as I know it will help with how tired I get during the workday), I got myself up at 6am this morning and hit the gym. I felt that I wanted to get this week off to a great start. Mondays tend to be thought of not so fondly, so getting things going with a workout seemed to be a good idea. And, I never regret a workout! Getting in just over 8 miles on the bike felt good and got my day going.

Exercise changes you

Looking ahead at this week, I’ll be running on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as usual. Wednesday is up in the air a bit, because I may head to the gym or take a rest day. I’m going to see how I feel and listen to my body. Friday is a definite rest day. Then, this coming weekend is the Star Wars race weekend at Disney. I’m not running the races, but I’m helping out on Saturday afternoon at Jeff Galloway’s booth and I’ll be going to a meet-up or two. So many friends are in town for this race weekend! I hope I get to see them all. It can be still be a challenge, even though they are in the same place. It’s all about timing!

How was your weekend?
Are you headed to the Disney Star Wars races?


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