Monday Musings 3/28

Monday Musings

Happy Monday, everyone! Okay, okay, so most of us don’t exactly look forward to Mondays each week. I admit, I always wish for a longer weekend especially when it’s Sunday night and I’m wondering how it’s already back to the work grind the next morning. That said, I’m trying to embrace each day, waking up with a positive attitude and believing that the day is going to be a great one, no matter what lies ahead.

I’ve been listening to an awesome audio book, Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. It’s a book about learning to put God first, above food and everything. We are supposed to make God number one in our lives. Food becomes something so many of us reach for to comfort us in sadness, anger, happiness, you name it. This is a completely different kind of “diet/lifestyle” book. If we put God first, pray when we are craving food asking God to help us through that craving, amazing things can happen. There’s more to it, but that’s the nutshell version. I am on the last disc and I can’t recommend it more. In fact, I just ordered the devotional that goes with it through Amazon.

Made to Crave

My weekend began with a great run with some of my fellow Galloway girls on Saturday morning. We ran 8 miles on the Seminole-Wekiva Trail. It’s a nice trail with some amazing painted fence art along a good portion of it. We encountered some small tree frogs as we started the run, which I found to be cute (some of the girls were just startled by them LOL), as well as a yellow snake making it’s way across the path about a mile or so in. I think I amused my group when I just said, “well, go around it in the opposite way he’s going” as I kept moving onward. Well, it didn’t look harmful, so I suppose that contributed to my lack of fear. After the run, we enjoyed smoothies and a bit of chatting about this and that before we all headed out.

I got to hang out at my parents house most of the weekend after the run. While I don’t miss living there, I do love visiting them as well as the feathered and furry family members that live there. Right now, Rocketbird is the only bird in residence after Peachy’s passing last month, so I love going to see her. I brought my two feathered kids along with me this time, and I think they all enjoyed seeing each other. My mom also has two guinea pigs which are the sweetest. I love holding them and they are so good at cuddles.

Saturday run

As far as this week is concerned, I ended up taking today as a rest day (as I write this, it’s after work), due to the fact that I have been so tired. For some reason, I found it difficult to stay awake this afternoon at work. I knew that a rest day was in order. I’m still not keen on taking a rest day when I wanted to work out, but I’m embracing listening to my body more. I will be running tomorrow morning with my group, then hitting the gym on Wednesday. Thursday morning will be another run, and then Friday will be my second rest day of the week. Then, Saturday my long run for the week. While last Saturday’s run pushed my legs, I want to keep that base of 8 miles if I can. Unfortunately, I also am dealing with another crummy calf cramp issue. After the 8 miles, when I was taking off my shoes at home, my left calf tightened up with another painful Charley-horse. Ugh! This is my second one this year, and I wish it would stop happening. I think I’m staying pretty hydrated, so not sure what’s causing it. I’m up for any thoughts on how to prevent them from happening in the future. At this point, I just need to let my calf loosen back up with my addaday roller and compression.

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