Monday Musings 10/21/19

The Girl's Got Sole - Monday Musings

It’s race week! My 39th half marathon is on Saturday at the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon. This will be my first half marathon since February. Since I did my 14 mile training run on October 12th, I’m as ready as I can be! Would like to be a bit faster, but this year hasn’t really been about breaking any PRs or anything.

My goal is to try to finish the race as close to 3 hours as possible, but will have to see how I feel on race morning. That, and what kind of weather we get. Central Florida is so up and down this time of year, so you just never know what you might get. As of right now, it’s looking like it may be a warm one, so that would slow me down. I’m on weather-watch. 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - Monday Musings 10/21/19

My sweet budgie boy was not feeling well last week. He had some issues with his potty being watery and oddly-colored. He got me concerned about him, and I almost took him to see the avian vet. Thankfully, I think I figured out that he was eating pieces of one of his toys. Once I removed it, he has seemed to have gotten a lot better. I also very much believe in the power of prayer, and I know my prayers to God to get my feathered baby back to normal were answered. I just love that little guy so much.

The Girl's Got Sole - Monday Musings

My workouts last week were a bit off, as I was exhausted and dealing with depression/anxiety. While I’m still tired (I’m never truly not tired with my fibro), I am feeling better mentally. Thinking it may have been the changes in weather or something that flared up my anxiety and all. Hard to say though.

Due to a tropical storm passing through, my run got moved to Sunday morning. We didn’t get anything too crazy, just pouring rain and thunderstorms. So, I hit the gym on Saturday morning instead. It was different to run on Sunday when it’s not a race, but it was nice. I ran 6 miles with some of my group in Winter Park, and despite the humidity, run was great. Makes a great start to the week.

The Girl's Got Sole - Monday Musings, Sunday run group

Anyone run a race over the weekend? How did it go?
If not, what race are you training for?

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