Monday, Monday…

Whew, what a day it’s been! Today has been quite the Monday for me. I woke up with a headache (which is still lingering it’s evil throbbings), had a brief stomachache (I swear my stomach has it out for me sometimes), and had quite a lot of phone calls to make at work today. If it wasn’t for the headache and stomach woes, I don’t think it would have been as bad. Busy and hectic, but not as bad.


This past weekend was pretty good, I ran with my group for 6 miles (tapering for my half), then spent the day watching Law & Order (a different kind of marathon). That evening, I went to church and enjoyed a great service with a sermon about “the light” which still has my mind in a state of constant thought. That might partially explain why I didn’t get a completely restful night of sleep on Saturday. My mind just loves to keep reeling and not let me completely sleep sometimes.

Sunday was fairly similar in excitement. Went to the gym after sleeping in (so nice to be able to sleep without setting my alarm) until 10am. I then did my grocery shopping and washed my car. After that, I cleaned up my bedroom and just relaxed while watching Criminal Minds.

With my vacation starting late next week, I’m hoping to get in some good workouts this week. Unfortunately, today became an unplanned rest day due to my headache, but I’m hoping to possibly do another workout tomorrow. I have my run in the morning and I’d like to hit the gym after work if I’m feeling good. It would help make up for not getting there tonight. Wednesday will be the gym again, then running on the track on Thursday. Friday is always a rest day as Saturday is my long run day. I’ve got lower mileage on the schedule due to tapering for the Cherokee Harvest Half on the 18th, but I’d like to get in 7 or 8 miles.

Otherwise, my focus this week continues to be on Breast Cancer Awareness month. I’d really like to raise a good amount for the 26.2 with DONNA by the end of October. If you can help me do this, I’d more than appreciate it. I would also love it if you can pass on to your friends, family and social media followers about donating to the cause. The Jeff Galloway training book signed by Jeff is up for one donor! ūüôā

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