Mocha love

Today, I’ve thought a lot about our beloved African Grey, Mocha Moo who went home to Heaven two weeks ago. There is so much that she brought to our family and lives that she is thought about each and every day.

Each morning, as I was about to head out the door for work, or wherever I might be off to, Mocha always knew that I was going. I didn’t even have to be at the door yet, or grab my keys. She just knew, Mocha was just that smart. She would say very sweet and softly, “good-bye.” It was the sweetest goodbye that I have ever heard, and likely will ever hear.

She knew what food, such as cereal that she wanted. You would take her with you to the kitchen and show her choices of food and she would shake her head no until you offered the one that she wanted. When you hit jackpot, she would tell you so. Mocha had a “food noise” she would make that sounds sort of like eating.

Mocha loved to watch television with you. She would laugh at the appropriate funny jokes or even at a Nazi getting killed. My dad used to watch a lot of The History Channel with her when she was a bit younger, so she loved that kind of stuff. Also, when I would do a workout DVD in the living room, she loved it. She would get so excited when I used barbells or jumped around with Jillian Michaels.

Just as she said “good-bye” when you were leaving, when I would get home, she greeted me with “Hi girl!” Such an excited and happy African Grey. And, she always knew when you were sad or not feeling well. She would “awww” at you and kind of watch over you if you were laying down in the room resting.

There was just so much awesomeness about Mocha, these are just some of the examples of how special she truly was. While I am deeply saddened by her no longer being there when I get home each day, I know that her joy and greatness is now looking down on us. I look forward to the day in many years that I can again see her and give her love and kisses.

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