Mocha, Forever in My Heart

Early this morning, our 19-year-old African Grey parrot, Mocha passed away. She had been sick since November and had been under the care of a vet. This end result was not one I or the rest of my family expected or wanted to consider. Though, who really expects or is prepared for the death of a loved one? Even when they are sick for a prolonged period of time, deep down inside, we always hope for the best. I think as humans, we just can’t and don’t want to deal with death.

Some people may not understand how the passing of a beloved pet such as Mocha could affect me as much as the passing of an aunt or an uncle. For me, a pet isn’t just a pet. When I bring home a feathered or furry friend, they become family. They are as valued to me as my brother. It doesn’t matter that that new family member can’t get up in the middle of the night to raid the fridge or flip on the television if they have insomnia, they are still family. And, when you have a feathered member of the family like Mocha in your life since you were 12-years-old, you can’t imagine waking up in the morning and not seeing her beautiful face or hearing her tell you “good-bye” as you head out the door to work each day.

My parents, my brother and I have done a lot of mourning today through crying and remembering how special and amazing she was to each of us. While I strive to keep the good times at the forefront of my mind and remind myself that Mocha is now in a better place up in heaven with God and the rest of our family that has passed on before me, it’s going to be a rocky road. We just have to make our way through the grieving process and keep praying.

One of the first songs I heard on the radio this afternoon on our local christian station was, ‘Blessings,’ by Laura Story. While the song brought more tears to my eyes, I was greatly inspired by it. Sometimes, you just hear the right song at the right time and that is exactly what ‘Blessings‘ was for me.


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