Me, crazy? Quite Possibly.

As I drove to the track this morning to meet up with my Galloway running group, my mind was whispering, “you’re crazy!” It was dang early, 4:30am to be exact. What normal person in their right mind would willfully get up that early?

Athletic folks, like runners will get up before the sun rises. We set our alarm clocks on purpose for those dark AM hours when others are sleeping soundly under their bed covers. Why do we do it? Well, I can’t answer for anyone else, but for me, I have running goals. Goals I take as important. I have my sights set on a full marathon for early 2013. I want to be as prepared and trained for it so I go in strong and finish with a smile on my face.

So, I suppose I am crazy in a way. But, if working hard to be a better runner makes me crazy, I can live with that. Normal is overrated anyway. 🙂

Are you a crazy early morning rynner/cyclist/athlete? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Me, crazy? Quite Possibly. — 1 Comment

  1. During the summer I run outside at 5:00 in the morning. During the “winter” I still get up at 5 but go to work at 6:30 to run at lunch.

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