Marathon #4 Training Update Madness

Just over a week ago, I ran my last long training run for marathon #4. It was quite the rainy and icky morning. It rained for 95% of our run, and if I had a choice in the matter, I would have traded in my squishy shoes and dripping clothes for my warm, dry bed that day. Sure, I had been through a bit of rain on runs, but nothing like this. For those that did the 2014 Wine and Dine Half Marathon, I would say it was sort of like that. It became a wet, chilly water park of a run through Winter Park.

Dream Chasers after our wet long run.

Dream Chasers after our wet long run.

Thankfully, myself and four other badass girls in my running group braved the conditions and we are all ready for the 26.2 with DONNA on February 15th (some for the half, others the full party). As I ran through the dreary wet miles, I reminded myself how it was nothing compared to what those fighting breast cancer go through. Hours in a downpour become akin to a cakewalk when you think about the chemo and other medical treatments these folks have to endure. It was thinking of the survivors and finding that cure that made me remember why I was out there running.

So now, I’ve been in what we runner folks call, “taper madness.” I’ve been pretty darn exhausted this week and even had my first nightmare surrounding race day. You can guarantee I won’t be forgetting my running shoes after that horrid night of tossing and turning over that possibility happening. I know there are barefoot runners out there, but this runner girl is not one of them. My Brooks and I have a great friendship, thank you very much. 🙂


In order to keep myself in the best health possible from now until the race, I am going to be allowing my body to rest when it needs it. Today, I woke up and just felt very “blah,” not wanting to do much of anything. Normally, I’d argue with myself and force myself to put on workout clothes and head to the gym. Due to the exhaustion I’ve been feeling, I knew the extra rest was the best decision. Sure, I’ve got goals and things I want to accomplish in relation to my fitness, but rest is a vital part of achieving those goals. If I get sick, everything comes to a sudden halt.

As endurance runners, we forget sometimes how much it takes out of us to train for a marathon or other big distance event. Between work, workouts and the craziness that is life, sleep can take a backseat in our list of priorities. Now that my training is complete, I need to rely on the work I’ve put in and enjoy the taper. Yeah…not sure enjoy is the right word, but I’ll give it my best anyway. Ha.

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